Engine & Gearbox Intermittent Noise under load

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    In the past few days I have started to notice an occasional noise that can only be best described as 'scraping' when the engine is under load. It doesn't do it all the time so it's hard to pin down but it's most prevalent when starting on a hill and only lasts a few seconds I have a 2.2 I-DTEC with auto box.

    I know this is a shot in the dark but any ideas? I'll try and get the car to do it tomorrow and post a vid.

    I have actually only had the car a couple of weeks and as time passes am becoming a bit more disappointed with it. It's been back to the dealers today for cabin rattles which they haven't really fixed, this noise that they say they 'can't hear' and a TPMS that has a mind of its own. Just takes the enjoyment away from a new car :Messed:
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    Shame about the trim rattles but with regards to TPMS there was a software update which seemed to have fixed its over-sensitivity. Have you gotten yours updated?
    Regarding the scraping noise I guess CR-V owners would be more knowledgeable.. lets see what they have to say
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    Well, the dealers I went to today were 'borderline helpful' to the point whereI am not actually sure they checked very much to be honest. I got blank looks when I mentioned the TPMS and noise plus, and I forgot to add this in my original post, the car at idle has what I would describe as an excessive amount of vibration. They have done zilch about that either. All I got was 'the rattles were the plastic trim and we have fixed it' and 'in relation to the other issues the car has had a health check and everything's fine'. Hmm..

    So I'm not in a great place with it at the moment despite them probably sounding like minor niggles. After my recent luck with buying cars I am praying that I haven't bought a bad one.
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    Day after and after driving it this morning pretty much nothing has been done as all the issues are still there - I wonder if all they actually did was wash it and change the bay it was parked in. I have booked it into a different dealer next week and am hoping for a resolution there as something definitely isn't right.
    I must admit I am now seriously beginning to doubt my decision to buy it. :depressed:
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    I have the same 2.2 I-DTEC Auto as you.

    I "think" I know what you mean by the scraping noise, but I have only experienced that twice when the engine was cold (and pulling away on a flat road from traffic lights). Since that time (April 2016), I havent heard it again.

    The TMPS - there is an update for that, the dealer should do it FOC.

    Regarding the cabin rattles - I have none and at all, but many owners here report them - it depends where you can hear the oscillation coming from. It would be hard for any dealer to try and remedy a noise problem if it can't be isolated. Is there any particular part of the car that you can hear noise coming from, even guessing roughly?

    I can understand your disappointment - but I reckon the dealer isnt the best one. Hopefully the other dealer will be a little more "with it" and help fix the niggles - because thats all they are.

    Appreciate its easy for me to say, but be grateful that the niggles are minor and not more serious or of a mechanical nature if you had bought some German or other crap SUV.
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    Assuming it's the same noise have you any idea what it is? The one on my car is definitely, but intermittently, when under load. Given that I haven't got a clue I guess I'm being kind/optimistic in attributing it to being a 'niggle'. Not sure whether it's a niggle or a developing problem.

    They did actually find the rattle source as part of the internal trim being loose. Quite how I don't know as I spent hours pressing and squeezing every bit of trim I could reach. They just haven't fixed it as they said they had that's all.

    The rest I am prepared to accept, as you suggest, but a newly delivered car with 11k miles on and as one of the marques best associated with quality and reliability, simply shouldn't have so many 'niggles' even if we do accept them as such. When you couple that with the utter apathy I was subjected to yesterday it's good that you can empathise a little (and from your last comment I know you do - thanks!).

    However, I am not a negative bloke and am looking forward not back and next week I hope to get to the bottom of them all and, if I do, I'll put the disappointment behind me and really start to enjoy it.

    And if I don't I'll be in the Toyota garage over the road :Grin::Grin:
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    Indeed I do empathise.

    CR-V is not a cheap car by any stretch and I wholly agree a young car simply should not have such niggles in the first place.

    Personally I think your first dealer is crap - that they have sourced the trim rattles and not cured them to your satisfaction proves they are lacklustre in this respect.

    In relation to the sound - I genuinely havent heard it again and personally I don't pay too much attention to the sounds now that I am accustomed to the car. All I know is if the car drives/speeds/slows as its designed without making any sounds of clanging or clatter, then its good to go!

    And stay away from the crappy Toyota as well! LOL
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    Ha - the dealer had the temerity to call me today to ask me if I was satisfied with yesterday. I think she regretted making the call in the end but I don't expect to get anywhere with it. Th bit I omitted from my first post was that they had cocked up the dates so there was no car, no lift to work and 'too busy' to either order me a taxi or let me speak to a technician to show him the rattles and save him some time. After walking 1.5 miles to work I was pretty fizzing.

    I am with you on the sound from the car - all I want to rule 'in' is that it's a niggle and 'out' is that it's any kind of problem with gearbox/drivetrain. Forgive me if I sound like I am being a little over cautious or of gloomy outlook but the car is out of warranty in March and if there's an issue then it needs fixing before then.

    And Toyotas..... Well, I have owned a few and have nothing but good things to say about them and their dealers I'm afraid :Smile:. I never ever had one single issue with any of mine and dealer service was always exemplary. The worst I can say about them is that they are not the most exciting or aesthetically pleasing (hence the CR-V won out over the RAV4 when I bought it) but I just can't find fault with their reliability. I nearly went in there yesterday (but saw sense); next week may be a whole different ball game if I get the same again.

    I suspect you guys may not want pictures of that one though :Smile:
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    Weetabix Hi, I sometimes get a scraping noise when I set off first thing. I put it down to the front brake pads sticking, especially when it's a damp morning. I find it only lasts until I turn my first corner.
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    Hi Bomber thanks for the reply. It sounds more mechanical than that (if we define brake pads as not) and is definitely linked to acceleration under load. If you pushed me I would say gearbox/drive were the culprits but I am no expert.
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    Turbo springs to mind. Mine made a kind of scraping noise and I got it refurbished and that sorted it. A good motor engineer will know straight away just from listening to it.
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    I was really hoping someone wasn't going to say that as the chances of Honda even hearing it let alone agreeing it's an issue is, probably, remote.

    The issue i have IF that's the issue (or another one that's equally significant) is that the car is out of warranty in March. If it is the turbo I assume they are quite an expensive fix?

    Just been out in the car again today and it again made the same noise.
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    I had an issue on my car with the rear deferential making a croaking noise which was been sorted by replacing the pump valve with updated part .
    It wort checking out.
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    Honda thought it was my clutch and DMF (even though the noise could be reproduced with the car stationary in neutral lol) and replaced it under warranty, I wasn't going to argue as it meant I got a new clutch.

    But of course the noise was still there and getting worse, especially under load.

    I had to go to a respected motor engineer who immediately knew it was the turbo and paid for a written report. On the back of this Honda sent the turbo away to be reconditioned, which isn't particularly expensive but it's the removing and refitting which can be expensive and time consuming.

    Unfortunately they didn't get it fixed properly and the car went into limp home mode in April and out of warranty. Had it fixed locally properly for a few hundred.
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    Er, no. I have the same car/engine as @Weetabix and am better placed to dispute your inaccurate remark. It is not the turbo.

    That the noise isnt there all the time suggests to me that it isnt the turbo at all (otherwise you'd know from the pull factor/performance). When I first encountered the "scrape" noise you referred to in your opening post - I put it down to the car engine being cold. Does the sound go away when your car is at ambient operating temperature??

    Since April, I havent heard it once. I am pretty sure that there may be a weather element in play here, or the fact that your car may have stood idle at the garage for a number of weeks before you test drove/bought it.

    By all means get the turbo tested/checked under warranty etc but be prepared for the Honda techs to say it is nothing to do with that - because it isnt.
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    Thanks that's helpful, if only for me to have stuff to talk to them about on Tuesday really. Doesn't fill me with confidence though and I sympathise with you for having to go through that.

    I must admit I am in a complete quandary. I'm no expert on these things and that's not a good position to be in as I just don't have the knowledge to know whether I have an issue here or not. I am hoping I don't but I don't know. I also don't know whether the dealers will be honest with me as, being realistic, the vehicle becomes 'not their problem' in just over 6 months time. This week's experience wasn't a great start but I am prepared to give somewhere else a try.

    I 'think' I am just going to have to take it one day at a time and see what they say next week. If they identify the issue(s) and agree to rectify it (or convince me it's nothing), as i hope, then job done and I'll be happy. If however they don't identify it or I am getting fobbed off in the same way I was this week then I am, reluctantly, inclined to minimise my risk and move the car on. That could be a very good decision or the worst one I ever made but I guess I'll never know.

    Tough one.
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    I'm baffled, genuinely, as to why you are paying any remote attention to the car woes of someone else. It doesnt affect you in any way whatsoever and should equally not be a barometer for any car issues you have at present which are unlike that of the previous poster.

    It seems to me from your wording you're already prepared to chop it in and get something else. Of course, thats your inalienable right to do so - being wary is only natural.

    But if you are not actually having any mechanical or reliability issues, I think its a rather bizarre reason to want to get rid of the CR-V so soon - particularly when you're just getting used to it. And who knows, the next car you select may have similar angst and likely come with a mechanical issue - will you chop/change then too? Where would you draw the line?

    I could understand if the car had broken down twice in 3 weeks. But has it actually let you down? I didnt think so. I'm pretty sure my CR-V (and the ones in the past that I have had) might have had a rattle or two, but I honestly couldn't give a hoot about that. I bought the car for the car. Not to be perturbed by something that has zero effect on the machine itself.

    I totally understand your concerns - but they are minor-to-none in my view. Especially when the relevance of someone elses DMF/clutch crap has 101% nothing to do with you or the dealer(s) you are in contact with. Form your own judgement and then decide whether to keep or get rid. Its almost as if you want something big and faulty to happen to justify you getting rid!
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    Well I see Dark Knight is still obnoxious as always.

    Anyway, moving back out of the gutter and back to your issue, mine also did it when cold and not all the time and the turbo still preformed as normal. Hopefully it's not the turbo but there's no harm in having it checked. I wouldn't get Honda to check it though because based on my own experience they weren't capable of diagnosing it correctly despite multiple visits and also if they are the ones who will have to cover the cost then that may also be a factor to consider. If you take it to an independent specialist at least you can cross it off.
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    I think you're being pretty selective about what I'm saying. In addition, if I follow your own line of argument, then how on earth is what you are prepared to tolerate with your car in any way relevant to what I am prepared to tolerate with mine?

    If I haven't been clear then let's sort that out. I don't want to move the CR-V on. At all. I'm not looking for an excuse to do so and dress it up as a solution looking for problem. If I want to just move it on then I will and don't have to justify it to anyone not least on a public forum. The caveat to that is whether the car has an issue that's significant and, right now, I don't know whether it has or it hasn't.

    Neither do you.

    You may be prepared to adopt more of a devil may care attitude to your own car whereas I don't because I expect it to last me a long time to justify the significant expense of only a few weeks ago.

    If I think there's a risk that won't happen then it's common sense to cut losses isn't it but, if you care to re-read my last post then you'll see I have said very clearly that 'if they fix the issues i have then I'm happy'. Unless you want me to just still be unhappy that is?

    I have never ever owned a car that makes noises like this one does. They are not normal noises ergo something is not right. I want it fixed, no more. If it can't be fixed anyone with half a brain would get rid and minimise their loss. That's actually what I am doing when you say 'Form your own judgement and then decide whether to keep or get rid' isn't it?

    As for the comparisons with 'others crap' I think you may find forums like this the world over are littered with it if that's how you want to define sharing experiences. I prefer to call it helping each other. So, if your intention is not to do that with me, might I suggest you just hit the ignore button on this one.
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    Thank you that's a helpful reply. I kind of agree that Honda are unlikely to stick their hand up with something like that so I may just do that.

    Would it be an engine or turbo specialist I would have to find? This is all last resort stuff but may be good to have a Plan B.
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    I'm guessing a turbo specialist would be better but a good motor engineer should also be enough just to cross it off. I'm lucky to have two excellent motor engineer garages nearby, one of which builds and competes rally cars. He's a qualified engineer and only employs mechanics who are fully qualified also. The moment he heard the noise he knew straight away, a 20 second test drive. Perhaps I was lucky being something he could identify so easily.

    Unfortunately if you don't know how the previous owner has maintained or looked after the car then even a Honda will develop issues but since getting it fixed among other things the car has been very reliable and definitely worth keeping because it will be well looked after now :Smile: