ICE & HFT Intermittent sat nav fault

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    Hi, I'm new to this site and decided to join after reading some very interesting topics about faulty sat nav systems, but here's one that should puzzle you, I own a 2004 Accord 2.2 Exec tourer with sat nav that works intermittently, I usually just get the terms and conditions screen (after the earth screen) but it does not come up with the 'ok' icon, it just stays like this forever, but other days it works, and when it does everything functions properly, I have found that when the outside temp is low, freezing or below, it always works!! I have removed the head unit before and our local hifi repairer has tried spraying cleaner in it but this made no difference, I know Alpine can refurbish it but I was just confused as to why it does work when it's freezing outside, has anybody else had this same experience? Many thanks. Colin
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    I've heard of similar faults which were down to dirty lenses before. Just spraying a cleaner into it isn't good enough, because of how the lens sits when not in use the cleaner can't actually reach the lens to clean it. To clean it properly you need to take the cover off the unit and wipe the lens manually. Its worth a try before sending it off & paying the manufacturer to inspect it.
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    I would would try cleaning the lens with some cotton buds. You will have to remove the DVD UNit which can be taken out without the head unit being removed. Remove the silver clip in the centre which retains the DVD(one very small screw and clean the lens. Use thread to put the clip back in place as it is a nightmare using fingers in such a small area. I did this today and it worked a treat on my unit which is of similar vintage and has been out of action for 6 months or so. My one was worse in the cold and worked intermitently too but eventually it stopped working all together. Good luck