Off-Topic Internships/Work shadowing in the finance/banking sector?

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    I have spent the last few weeks perfecting my CV and tailoring my cover letter for the organisations I want to intern for. In the midst of all that I came across a very interesting piece which explained how little online applications mattered to small/medium scale firms as they would usually hire based on word of mouth. With that I was wondering whether any members here are working in the finance industry and would be willing to help me gain a work experience placement with a firm? Also any pointers in general would be much appreciated. :Smile:
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    Used to work in Finance a 12 years ago but so much has changed since the financial meltdown none of of it will be relevant in today world.

    Hope someone else can offer some assistance, ooh start playing golf it works charms to climb the snakes and ladders of the corporate world.:Wink: Golf is better than sniff behind of bosses trust me.
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    Funnily enough I was told the same thing when I was at school. So far I've just been researching various roles and applying to whatever interests me.
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    I'm getting a bit more concerned now, so far I've only had rejections from around 2 firms while I'm waiting on a few others but it doesn't look too good. Any of guys know of a finance or banking intern scheme running at your workplace that I could apply to?

    Any application tips would also be much appreciated :Smile:
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    Have a mooch around here mate, Jaguar Land Rover Careers ? Excellence In Motion these guys are expanding big time.

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    Sorry it's not Finance/Banking sector obviously but Im sure they will have something in the Finance area.
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    I've missed the deadline, partly my fault I guess for assuming that the firms I applied to would get back to me within a month or so. That said I'll look at other firms in the automotive industry, so far I've applied to Mercedes (I can speak a little German), so I might try Beemer etc
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    hi mate it may be you have to start in a different finance sector that will get you the chance to move up to the sector that you hope to be in. but as they say you got to start somewhere :Thumbup: hope it works out for you :Smile:
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    Yeah I've been told that before, in all honesty I just want to get my foot in the door which will then open up a whole world of possibilities.
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    if I went for a job I was always able to prove that i could do it after a trial I always got the job, but in this day and age you don't even get to an interview on most applications unless you have something the company wants, so its hard if you don't have something in your CV that stands out above the others. That's why I am saying prove what you can achieve high results at a level that may be lower but still relevant to what you are applying for and are capable to step up a level. Most people have to work up to what they want, in real life not many get the chance to step into the ideal job at first attempt. :Thumbup:
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