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    United States Ken NJ
    Hey dudes. My name is Ken, I'm a keep-it-stock-guy, and I'm in the market for a social car community. I've got a 1992 Acura Legend which has been in my loving care for the past ten years and a 2008 Honda S2000. The legend community has been severely curtailed in recent years due the steep cost of repairs and the high risk of all of their parts being broken. The S2000 community is a bunch of bozos that just want to hear themselves speak. I've chosen Captain Slow for my handle because people get upset with me at car meets for my disinclination to violate traffic laws to keep up with the pack. Also, ya know, pedantic reasons.

    Acura Legend
    Most people are interested in hearing about the S2000, but the Legend is a much better car. They don't make cars like the legend anymore. There simply isn't a market for 200HP luxury cars, and front-drive 300HP saloons get too firmly sprung to be luxury cars. My Legend is an automatic sedan that's been recently retrofitted with the 3.5L engine out of a 1999 RL. Everything in the new motor from the head gaskets up is fresh, including the valve seals. It may as well be brand new. Over the years I've slowly been refreshing the whole car. New paint, fresh leather, clean wheels, the whole lot. I even got my hands on a JDM navigation console. Navigation was available as an option in Japan right from 1990. I'd estimate only two or three dozen of these consoles made it to the US for people like myself to fit in (navigation was never offered as an option in the US). Most of those examples were squandered by people who would cheapen it's look by integrating them into some kind of big stereo build. I just kept it clean.

    Times have changed quite a lot since I installed the console in '07. People can just cram a tablet into their dash and it's an amazing infotainment system. I wanted to install a carPC back in the day but it never happened. The console plays DVDs off it's Pioneer stereo. It looks clean as-is and I put 2000 miles on the car a year so that's how it will stay.

    Honda S2000
    The S2000 is an amazing car. When you sit in it, it fits you like a glove. You win all the fights on the internet. It's showy; people think it's a lot more expensive than it is. Blah, blah, blah. It's not that great in America because people identify you as the cause of the wealth gap and decide to try to muscle you off the road in their enormous pickup or SUV. People in America are pretty upset about a lot of things and New Jersey is pretty congested being that it constitutes the suburb of two of the three largest, grimiest, filth ridden cities in the country: New York and Philadelphia. Don't forget most people have a gun here, myself not included, because 'MERICA FREEDOM. I honestly think we're no more than a couple weeks away from total anarchy at any given time. It's just a matter of the wrong string of events coming to fruition. But I can drive with the roof down and the car redlines at 8300 rpms, so I have that.

    Formula One
    I'm big into Formula One. I rooted for Rosberg this year. It seemed like such a solid bet at the beginning of the season. He's an optimist, he roles with the punches. He proved early in the season how fast he was. Competitive for pole on Saturday, and consistently faster on race day. But he just couldn't god damn race. He always ran out of tires before he could pull off a pass. Even so, I thought Rosberg had the long game. Hamilton gets upset over every set back. Half of his 2012 season was a write off because he was fighting with his girlfriend. But he still won. Hamilton had the support he needed and Mercedes punched Rosberg a bit too firmly in his gut over the Belgium incident. Oh well. 2015 is a new year. I'm hoping and expecting the grid to be a lot tighter this year. I'm generally happy to see anyone other than Vettel win. There's lots of fresh blood and a couple old dogs worth rooting for.

    By the way, no one watches F1 in America. I know not a single person. And I don't blame them. Our broadcast crew is terrible. Teeeeeeeerrible. It's not strictly their fault. The network tells them to dummy it down for the American couch-sumer. But god is it bad. I check in on it every now and again to see how they're getting on. They go on and on about the continually renewing fastest lap, as if the drivers are going faster by sheer force of will and not on account of their depleting fuel. And all they can comment on is "wow! how fast does that look?!". They're not at the track. They're in a studio in America half a world away. They have absolutely no insight to the context of what's happening. It's unreal. I use a proxy to watch Coulthard on iPlayer. Unquestionably. I wonder how you guys feel about BBC vs SkyF1. If that's value added or just the padding in Bernie-Burns pockets.

    Car culture in the UK?
    I'm made to understand that car ownership in Europe is quite different than it is here in America. I'd love to learn more about this as pertains specifically to the UK. My knowledge on the topic stems from a couple trips to Deutcheland. It's quite an uphill battle to own a car there. Gas is expensive of course, but insurance on a 15 year old car for a young driver is twice what I pay for a young red sports car, and your license can get yanked very quickly. In America you're a real weirdo if you don't own a car. And your license is nearly impossible to lose unless you're a three-peat DUI offender. Insurance is cheap as well; I used to pay $470 for six months of full coverage on an old '97 miata.

    Yikes. All this 'merica bashing is probably too much for a first impression. It's nice to be here, thanks for having me.

    P.S. I had no idea what colour Honda's are known for. My first guess was white, as in the Grand Prix White on Type-R's. My second guess was red, as in New Formula Red, because the red cars are always a bit faster. I finally thought of the Fit EV and it's only offered colour.
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    Some photos I have on hand:


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    Welcome to HK @Captain Slow :welcome:

    Whilst there are many members in our club that like to modify their Honda's, there are also those like me that like to keep them stock.
    There is no pressure to modify. Our common interest in that we love our Honda's.
    Please add your cars to the Club Garage. The interior shot of your S2000 is smashing. I would love to see more of them both. :Hey:
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    Welcome @Captain Slow (did you know that British TV personality James May of Top Gear uses that nickname?)

    Looking forward to more pictures of your cars :Smile:
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    United Kingdom Ed Wiltshire

    Great intro! Hopefully you'll find HondaKarma both social and useful :Thumbup:
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    United Kingdom Richard T Milton Keynes
    The December floor mats are intruiging
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    United Kingdom Chester Northumberland
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    Scotland Rob Glasgow
    Welcome @Captain Slow, brilliant introduction, welcome home.
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    United Kingdom James Paisley
    Welcome to the forum :Smile:
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    England CJ Leeds
    Welcome to the club bud, entertaining reading that post. :Hey:
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    United States Ken NJ
    Thanks, everyone. I'll definitely post more pictures when I get a chance. I'm an amateur photographer so I've got quite a lot to spare.

    The world isn't so large that I wouldn't be intimately familiar with Top Gear. I'm a huge fan, of course.
    I heard this in Clarkson's voice.

    I've named all the cars I've ever owned. For whatever reason, December is the only name that ever stuck. The floor mats are custom made but embroidering "Acura" or "Legend" is a copyright infringement. The business that made these mats got a letter about it. So December it had to be.
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    Hi Captain Slow - I live 50:50 between the UK (where my 3 Hondas are) and San Francisco, so I know what you mean about car culture being different an the lack of interest in F1. There are however a few sports bars near where I live that show the races live and I went one morning (actually to see the Bahrain race last year) so I could watch with fellow F1 fans rather than on my own. But as you say, the US coverage is awful. They even go to ad breaks during the race!!!

    As I subscribe to Sky back in the UK - I watch the F1 races even when in the US using Sky Go - the coverage, technical detail and pundits are so many leagues ahead. Much as I don't like Murdock - I also think the coverage on Sky is better than the BBC (which also doesn't get all the races anyway), so being a big fan, that is where I watch it.

    Aside from the fuel being significantly cheaper in the US, the cars are too. Condition of the roads however are worse in the US than the UK, and I wouldn't say that the UK roads are good anymore (they used to be, but now they do cheap patching up work which means every big freeze damages the surface again).
    I have found some great driving roads here though. It isn't all long straight multi-lane freeways .... my fave so far is Highway 1 north of San Francisco as it is a very twisty windy road with stunning views.
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    Welcome to the club Captain Slow.
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    United States Ken NJ
    Great insights. I do get snippets of Sky off of youtube and they seem to get some great interviews/specials. Even if I had to option to try Sky, I'd probably be biased to the BBC crew at this point. Those youtube clips will have to be enough for me.

    The PCH is a bucket list item for me but I'm on the wrong coast to easily enjoy it. I would think the UK has more enjoyable b-roads than America. There's just so much nothing in America. It's never any trouble paving a straight line between to points.
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    The UK does indeed have some stunning roads, but the downside of being smaller does mean it is hard to find those roads without other drivers also on them. I live in North Yorkshire which isn't as heavily populated as more Southern UK, so I am fairly lucky with some good roads that are not too busy. Scotland is also good in that regard. Stunning scenary too. Wales would be but the police there are really strict ensuring no excess speed.......

    Highway 1 is partly so fun as it is so twisty, but also the views.

    I did a 7,500 miles tour starting in New York State and so got to see a lot of the states, and yes, sometimes you can drive for hours and hours and see neither a bend nor another vehicle!
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    United States Ken NJ
    Fair point. I'm in the overpopulated part of New Jersey. The point where the suburbs of NYC meet the suburbs of Philadelphia. I have to drive north to meet the Appalachian foothills to have any fun. That's a bit of a pain in the back for the S2000. Fortunately, the Legend and it's large disposition tend to prefer cruising at moderate speed on long sweeping county roads. The legend handles sharp corners about as well as a man handles being held under water against his will. It's a struggle and neither party is enjoying themselves. The S will feel pent up if you try to drive it slowly but putting the top down can make a bad day at work right again.

    I badly need a cross country road trip. I've been up to Montreal, down to Cape Kennedy, and as far west as Branson Missouri. It's just such a time investment. I don't know how I'll line up the vacation days needed to make it happen.
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    United Kingdom Andy Aberfoyle
    Hey Ken, just saw your intro, welcome to HK.:Hey:

    Coming from Scotland there are a number of superb 'b' and main roads. OK the surfaces might not be the best but there are a decent variety squeezed into a small country. My Accord cruises along the main roads but it feels like a different car when let loose in the highlands!

    Scenic drives in Scotland for road trips and touring - VisitScotland