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    We've made a few changes to our long-standing For Sale and Wanted sections. Now expanded and named as the Marketplace.

    • Parts, Items & Others has been split into Parts & Accessories, Vehicles and Other Items.
    • Thread prefixed have been added and are now a requirement to post in each section. These cover Sales, Trade, Giveaway, Wanted, Found, Sold and Removed.
    • With the addition of the prefix above, the older Wanted section has been merged into the appropriate new categories.
    • eBay Links now covers listings you've made yourself and want to promote, as well as other interesting items you just want to share with the board, appropriate prefixes added for both. "Listing Ended" has also been added for expired links, please remember to update your posts.
    • Commercial Traders has been added in preparation for changes relating to Honda Karma.
    • All current posts have had their prefixes backdated manually.
    • All items older than 6 months where it hasn't been already specified have been marked as Sold or Found.
    It's worth noting that we may still make further changes, and the staff will be reviewing the current rules in preparation for Honda Karma.

    This includes special ranks and privileges for those that are commercial traders or affiliated businesses to stop misuse of any sections. There will still also be a requirements in order to make new adverts, currently this is that members have at least 25 posts.

    Feel free to speak up with any feedback :Thumbup:
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    Much better more clearer to follow.Guys any feedback will be welcomed.:Hey: