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    United Kingdom kev Southampton
    Hi Honda karma
    i'm from southampton and own a 2000 Honda Accord 2.0i executive ,and i love it ...for the money it cost me ,i could not go wrong ,and at the same time ,its now gone through 2 MOTs with no problems ,so its all good
    this is my second Honda after owning an 1.4 Civic which was a bit tatty ,so decided to go for the Accord
    i'm pretty good with cars after growing up with mainly Cortinas ,and then working at fords ....and owning classic cars my hillman imp was my favourite
    but now need to learn abit and find hints ,tips,advice ,and maybe even parts

    so thats enough about me
    thanks for reading
    all the best
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    Welcome to the club mate. :Niceone:
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