In-Depth Introduction of New A/C Refrigerant in Honda cars

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    It has been mandated by the EU Commission [Directive 2006/40/EC] that new vehicle "types" approved after January 1st 2011 must use an A/C refrigerant with a GWP (Global Warming Potential) of less than or equal to one hundred and fifty (GWP< or =150). Any registration after January 1st 2017 must comply with the requirements. Honda will use a new gas called HFO-1234yf. The GWP of this new gas is four (GWP=4). The supplier for Honda production and after sales activity is currently expected to be DuPont.

    The new 2012 Civic models have been approved under an extension of the existing approvals for the previous model year, and as such may continue to use R-134a. The upcoming 2013 CR-V will also be approved under an extension of the current model year and will use R-134a.

    According to current plans the first Honda model to have the new gas applied will be the full model change Jazz which will be 2015YM.

    We are providing this information now so that any dealer that is considering investment in new refrigerant handling equipment can buy machines and tools able to work with HFO-1234yf.

    This new gas has similar operating conditions as R-134a, it has the same cooling capacity and has required only small design changes to the A/C system.

    The mechanical properties of the new gas are very similar to R-134a, but with 0.3% the global warming potential.

    While the new gas will have similar properties to the current gas the two will not be interchangeable. System specification is different with gas specific internal valves and oils being used.

    Tools Requirements
    The new gas and the old gas must not be mixed. New machines and tools that are compatible with the new gas will have to be sourced. Honda policy is that ONLY HFO-1234yf is used in cars originally equipped with this new gas. The new gas is classed as a flammable fluid and it is therefore very important that R-134a is not mixed with HFO-1234yf. If suppliers offer adapter kits to allow the mixing of gasses do not use these!
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    Hi guys, my 2015MY Jazz is being made as we speak in Japan this won't be the first cat to have the new gas . The 4th generation Jazz and2nd generation HR-V will have the new gas, please be mindful of the information contained in this article.
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    Honda Europe internal issued memo under
    Introduction of new Air Conditioning Gas HFO-1234YF

    Introduction of new Air Conditioning Gas In 2006, the EU adopted the Mobile Air Conditioning (MAC) Directive that would reduce the climate impact of
    air conditioning in cars sold in the EU. The MAC Directive requires an automotive refrigerant with a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of less than 150 for
    use in all new model vehicle platforms. This requirement came into force on January 1, 2013 for all new type approved models and for all models from January 1, 2017. Honda, along with many other vehicle manufacturers, have decided to use a new air conditioning gas called HFO-1234YF in their new models to meet this directive.

    About HFO-1234YF
    Developed and manufactured jointly by DuPont and Honeywell. It has a GWP of just 4 - compared to 1300 for R134a. It's performance characteristics are very similar to R134a It is classed as mildly inflammable whereas R134a is classed as not flammable Lifespan if released to atmosphere is only 11 days compared with 13 years for R134a.

    For Honda, the first new type approved models to receive this new gas will be 2016 Jazz and HR-V (Full Model Changes). Other models will change over to the new gas either sometime during their model life or at full model change. For dealers to be able to continue working on and servicing the air conditioning systems of these vehicle equipped with the new gas, they will either need to invest in new HFO-1234YF specific equipment or find a suitable sublet outlet who can deal with their requirements. Honda, along with its tool partners Snap-on, are working together to bring to dealers a solution for their HFO-1234YF equipment requirements, this will be announced in the near future.

    Frequently Asked Questions.
    Q: Why are 2016 Jazz and HR-V the first Honda vehicles to get the new gas, when the change over date was January 2013.
    A: All models since January 2013 have been type approved under existing type approval. E.g Model type has stayed the same FK1, FK2 etc. 2016 Jazz and HR-V will be the first models requiring new type approval.

    Q: Why does a dealer need new equipment to service/repair the new HFO-1234YF system?
    A: R134a and HFO-1234YF must not be mixed, to ensure this and to prevent a HFO1234YF system being filled with R134a gas, the pipe connections are different in size.

    Q: Is the new HFO-1234YF gas readily available in the market?
    A: Supplies of the new gas are still quite limited and also expensive, but as other OEM also begins to implement it, it is expected to become more readily

    Q: How can a dealer buy new equipment from Honda/Snap-on?
    A: Recommend air conditioning machines will be available to order via the Honda HART website in the near future. Delivery, initial set-up and support will be provided by Snap-on.