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    I've noticed a few threads on here about iPhones, I've got a 4s that's jailbroken on iOS5.1.1 and after a mooch through Cydia I found an Accord theme!! When I unlock my phone the sound is of a car(no VTEC though) accelerating away, when locking the sound is a screech of brakes(obviously the ABS failed then) and when plugged in to charge the sound is of the car door being closed and locked. And here is a couple of screen shots





    I didn't make this theme I just found it and thought I'd share it.

    The Honda "H" instead of the 3G symbol was also on Cydia but is separate from the theme and the operator logo that should read Orange but reads VTEC is done through SBSettings. The Civic lock slider is also separate.
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    Decent skin but all US spec cars, someone here going to make a proper skin?