Introductions Irish newbie - looking for a Honda Accord 2.2 I-DTEC TYPE-S

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    Hi lads,

    David from Cork here.

    I'm currently driving a '04 Ford Focus TDCi Sport but wanting a change and I'm on the look out for a Honda Accord 2.2 I-DTEC TYPE-S. Not too many in Ireland that I can find.

    Reading up about the 8th Generation Accord and it is impressing me bigtime. Was looking at e90 320d M Sports too but they are very common over here now!

    What websites are the best to find cars over in Britain? I'm keeping my eye on this Accord


  2. Hi, great choice of car, autotrader is the main site, plus Honda UK.
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    Hi david
    Welcome to AOC, why not try Honda Holdcroft to see if they have anything on their website?
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    Cheers for the welcomes, not much on HH or Honda UK for what I'm looking for.
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    United Kingdom Primary c Northampton

    Type-S you say.. Sweet :Thumbup: very nice car and streets ahead of a 320! Autotrader or do a google search which should throw up lots of sites, would stear clear of ebay though. To risky..

    Good luck with the search
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    Cheers lad. The only one that is in my price range is the one in my orginial post. Does the price seem low for a 2009? You would probably pay 18000/20000 euros for one like that here in Ireland!

    Price of car - 11,390
    VRT - 2,800
    Tax - 330
    NCT - 55
    Total 14575 euros

    Probably should put in Flights, ferry and Diesel money.
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    I tried to ring the number of the seller (from Ireland) but I'm doing it wrong, can someone help me, 0044.......? :Smile:
    tel:Frown:07041) 398391Tel: "tel:Frown:08720) 630412 This is a Telesafe number
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    England CJ Leeds
    For the mobile drop the zero before 07 it will be 00447xxxxxxx
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