General Is it ok to print "" on my custom license plate frame?

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    we have a custom-text-on-your-license-plate-frame service here locally (Finland) and I've already set up vector graphics for them to do the measurements.
    Just need confirmation if it's ok to have it printed on my frame. See attachments how it would look.

    I found the brake light sticker via google images and thought that would look cool on my frame, only slightly edited (as the "Honda" part is white).
    Currently my Accord's frame has "USED CAR LOT.COM" in huge white font, in my language, so it has this cheap vibe to it, decided I would maybe try something cooler on it.

    shapeimage_3_honda_karma_valk-puna. 63013_hondakarma-brake-light-sticker_b_small.
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  2. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    Hi buddy you can use it on your car but please do not use it for commercial interest.
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    Got a response and they said vector graphic printing is minimum of 20 orders (meant mainly for companies), so yeah, I think I'm gonna go with completely black frame and maybe print my own weather-proof stickers :Laughing:

    You can order 1 unit with preset fonts and one color and without logos but I'm not happy with the fonts.
  4. Zebster Guest

    Hmm, this isn't hugely tempting.
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    why not order a black frame with web address in pre-set fonts and order a couple of our weather proof club stickers to display in window to show your support ? :Smile: