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  1. I got up Wednesday morning, one of the kids opened the gates and it was only when I got back home & I went to close the gates I noticed that something was missing.
    My rear numberplate had gone. The plates on my car are in the standard euro type numberplate holders and it had been unclipped and the plate removed.
    Checked the front plate and someone had tried to unclip the holder but failed so it was loose at one end but still held in.

    I know the plate holders were closed properly when I changed the plates to my personalised plate & made doubly sure they were closed properly.

    All reported to the police just incase someone uses my plate for something naughty.
    I have got another rear plate made and have glued them into the plate holders this time (I can get them out if I need to with glue release).

    Then today I get a guy knocking on the door asking who's the Honda CR-V is and telling me its really easy to steal that type of car and goes into his routine of trying to show me a video on his phone, that was downloaded from sky news, showing someone using the obd exploits to steal a BMW. He then starts on I need to get all the glass etched with a number.
    I had already told him I wasn't interested & eventually just turned and walked away.

    Coincidence? Who knows but reported that to the police too who have given me a log number as something didn't ring true.
    The guy had a small piece of clear acrylic with a sticker on it and a number etched and his phone he used to show the video so not your typical door knocking salesman type.

    Strange thing is I had a 1998 C class merc for the last 10 years & that was fitted with my personalised plate & looked far more than it was & nothing.
    I get the Honda and get this guy knocking on the door, Maybe with the personalised plate people think the CR-V is newer than it is, the plate is a 3 number 3 letter ageless plate my father bought me as a present many moons ago. The letters mean nothing to me but since my late father bought it for me it has some sentimental value and I have had it fitted to a few cars over the years.

    A strange few days for sure.
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    How bizarre indeed !

    What did the police say about the guy that had knocked on the door, had they come across anything like that previously ?
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    That's too much of a coincidence. :Fear:
    Your CR-V has all the extras, so it would be a tempting target for the thieves.
  4. The police also thought it was a bit strange but they did say that its not the first time they have heard of this:Wassat:. They went through what happened and what he said a few times & the more you think about it the stranger it gets.:Nuts:

    The bit of clear plastic he showed had a sticker the same as the cheap ebay etching kits with the numbers not exactly the best quality etch. But the bit I can't understand and neither can the police I spoke to as to how etching the glass with a random number is going to help stop someone stealing a car using a obd exploit. I had already said that to the guy on the doorstep but he had no answer.

    I have my own ideas for stopping the obd exploits that I said I would implement if I got a car that was potentially liable to such a issue.
    I will admit the idea is not only mechanical but also electrical & stops access to the obd socket full stop.:Devil:

    I agree, and so do the police, it is too much of a coincidence. I know my car is well loaded with extras but I had never really considered it being a target for thieves with the age of the car. :facepalm:
    I have footage of the guy from my cctv and have also given the police the registration number of the car he got into & the person I spoke to said he was passing it to CID as it might be someone trying to make a few £'s but on the other hand better to be cautious.:police:

    The only reason we don't have cctv footage of the person/people who took the numberplate earlier is I had parked the car out of the security lights range that night and with the new ultra low ouput low energy street lights my cctv cameras picked up movement but not enough.:Ohdear:

    Needless to say my Honda is getting parked at the bottom of the drive now and my other halves micra can park at the top plus I am waiting for a new better camera that covers the drive to be delivered:clap:. I hadn't realised the camera was so poor at night but Id not had to check the cctv since the street lamps were changed:Frown: