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    Hi All,
    i have been lurking for quite some time so thought it was about time I introduce myself. My name is Ian and I live just south of Preston, Lancashire. I bought a 57 plate Accord I-CDTI Sport GT with 52k on the clock in Oct 2012. What do you properly call these - I-CDTI, I-CDTI Sport, I-CDTI GT, or I-CDTI Sport GT. Any how, i am really happy with the car - it has a good spec, good acceleration / pickup and a good size. It was a company car prior to me purchasing it, so it has a few scratches here and there, nothing serious.
    There are a few quirks though. How is it so difficult to get a workshop manual, I have looked on-line, but a lot seem to be for American / LH drive. I do not use Sat-nav as a rule but I have found this one to be pretty accurate. The voice control can be a pain as it does not always understand my accent - it would not understand my "French" when trying to get the system back to English :lol: Also there are things that I would of thought would have been on the spec list for a car of this pedigree - like rear view mirror auto dip.

    Enough of my whinging, I am really please with the car - even though my wife called me an old man when I said I was buying a Honda, I am only just 40!!!!

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    Welcome to AOC Ian.

    Honda Dealers can get a printed workshop manual for you for a fixed price.I'm not sure what they cost though, you may want to ask our resident sponsor Holdcroft Honda for a price.

    You could get by without actually getting one, there's plenty of info on here and if you can't find what your after, just ask