Body, Paint & Styling Jacking Points

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    Hi all,
    I'm in the process of changing the dreaded fuel filter. Its an absolute pig of a job so far. But i'm at the point of trying to take the filter bracket off the b/h and can't see the second bolt.


    Is there a jacking point at the front of the car? I noticed underneath the engine bay theres a section not covered by a splash gaurd and has an arrow pointing to it, theres a large beam with what looks like a jacking point on it there. Can anyone tell me if this is a jacking point?

    Thanks alot guys!
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    You Sir are a savior. Mucho Gracias
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    One more thing!

    If one was using axel stands on the accord where would you put them? I used to always use my ramps on the old car but the accord is too low to go up them. I assume I can't just put the stands on a jacking point cause they will bend the jacking lip
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    Re: One more thing!

    I use ramps and have the same problem. Quick fix is put a plank/couple of planks in front of the ramp before you drive the car on will give you a little extra hight. Same when you roll it off don't take them away or you will come a cropper when you take her off the ramps.. It works..

    I ese a couple of sections from an old MFI wardrobe :Smile:
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    I'm sure you can put the axle stands under the jacking points. CJ can you confirm this please.
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    That where I put them when working on my cars, I also use wheel chocks on the rear tyres.
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    Cheers CJ. That's where I've been putting them as well.
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    You can, I have jacked mine (carefully) from the center front jack point and put stands under doth sides on the front. I did use a slither of rubber on the stands to stop them chipping the paint on the side jacking points worked well let no marks.

    The jacking at the front is a bit of a worry with my short ish trolley jack and I would recommend a chock on the rear wheels just to be safe and jack it slowly!