Autocar Jaguar tops JD Power Dealer Satisfaction survey

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    Jaguar beats Japanese brands to the top spot for satisfaction in its dealer network Jaguar has come top of the annual JD Power Dealer Satisfaction survey for the second year running.
    The brand, which also came first in JD Power's Customer Satisfaction survey earlier this year, scored an overall approval rating of 85.5 per cent.
    Customers cited Jaguar's friendly advisers, flexible booking for service and repair, convenient vehicle handovers and detailed explanations as their main reasons for voting the brand to the top.
    Jaguar beat Lexus and Honda to the top spot, with those brands scoring 85.4 per cent and 84 per cent respectively. Elsewhere on the list Toyota moves from 3rd overall in 2012 to 5th in 2013 and Citroen moves down from 15th in 2012 to 19th this year.
    Skoda, whose Superb and Yeti came first and second respectively in the Customer Satisfaction survey, placed seventh in the list.
    The average score for dealers this year was 78.5 per cent, the same as last year.
    At the bottom of the table this year comes Chevrolet with a 69.7 per cent satisfaction rating, and Alfa Romeo with 72.7 per cent.
    The full results of the survey are below (Dealer network / Score / Star rating)
    1. Jaguar 85.5% (five stars)
    2. Lexus 85.4% (five stars)
    3. Honda 84.0% (five stars)
    4. Mercedes-Benz 82.6% (four stars)
    5=. Land Rover 82.0% (four stars)
    5=. Toyota 82.0% (four stars)
    7. Skoda 81.4% (four stars)
    8. Volvo 80.8% (four stars)
    9=. Kia 80.32% (three stars)
    9=. Nissan 80.32% (three stars)
    11. Seat 79.5% (three stars)
    12. Renault 79.3% (three stars)
    13=. Hyundai 79.2% (three stars)
    13=. Volkswagen 79.2% (three stars)
    15=. BMW 79.1% (three stars)
    15=. Citroen 79.1% (three stars)
    15=. Mini 79.1% (three stars)
    18. Ford 78.6% (three stars)
    19. Audi 78.0% (three stars)
    20. Vauxhall 77.7% (three stars)
    21. Suzuki 77.6% (three stars)
    22. Mazda 77.25% (three stars)
    23=. Mitsubishi 76.9% (three stars)
    23=. Peugeot 76.9% (three stars)
    25. Fiat 75.7% (two stars)
    26. Alfa Romeo 72.7% (two stars)
    27. Chevrolet 69.7% (two stars)
    Average score: 78.5%
    To see the results from the 2013 JD Power customer satisfaction survey, click here.


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    Well that a shock but not a surprise to stay at the top you have to do better than last year. Honda and Lexus won't take this lightly.