Dealers/Garages Japex near Hemel Hempstead (bucks/herts)

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    Thanks again to the guys at Japex in Kings Langley, for looking after my diesel accord. It had dropped into safe mode last week, they pulled the fault code off and correctly diagnosed the fuel filter. They even knew about how fussy the engines are with demanding Honda original filters!

    All quickly fixed at a very reasonable labour rate.

    Another job well done by Japex.

    They previously:
    Replaced my clutch and DMF
    Fixed my VSA/ABS light with a new ABS sensor
    Various services
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    Are they an Independent Honda garage or a general "do anything on any car" typa garage ?
  3. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    Looking at their site they have 20 years of experience working in Toyota, Lexus, Nissan and Mazda dealerships so they been there done it really.

    Honda is more like a Lexus so they would have a good skill.
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    Yup they are an independent garage - work on any car, but specialise in a Japanese vehicles.

    Stuart and a Ross are really down to earth honest guys. They know their way around the common 7 gen and diesel issues when I approach then with problems.

    They get a lot of business from the Japanese performance car and 4x4s owners.

    I've seen a hand full of Civics and Integras there, so they are not strangers to Hondas. especially my 7 gen ICTDI lol.
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    Had my car full clutch and DMF changed with MTF, Clutch fluid and wheel alignment done at a very reasonable rate... £45 per hour labour. I am sure you all have heard name of Dream Automotive run by a very experienced ex honda tech Phil Crafford.
    He did whole job in 8 hrs baring in mind i provided the clutch but it was damaged (Honda original but the pressure plate spring pins not levelled at required tension so was not loading properly ) and he had to get replacement from his storage parts. Well done work ...

    Details of Cost:

    LUK clutch kit £150
    Luc DMF £360
    ABS RRHS replacement and code correction £ 45
    Labour cost £ 290
    + VAT
    changed brake oil for free as i provided oil ...

    All @ 1yrs labour and parts warranty....

    He also do track racing days ...

    Was an expensive job but love my accord and can't see it unwell :Wink: So thumbs up from me...

    Any feedback?