Jazz 1.4 SE Gearbox change/ rpm issue

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    Hi everyone,

    I have recently changed the gearbox for a reconditioned one, the engine is L13A1. Initially i did not notice any changes but in fifth gear at 80 mph
    the rpms are 4000 and it was appoximately 3500 before i changed it. Question is are there different gearboxes for the Jazz and if no, are there different gear ratios? It increased my fuel consumption slightly and top speed has decreased. My sister and a friend of mine both drive Jazz with the same engine L13A1 and my friend confirmed that his Jazz does 4000 RPM at 80 mph, my sister will do the test on Monday and let me know. I have taken a photo of the metal card on top of the grill where the engine code and chassis numbers are written down of all 3 cars and the engine code match but nothing else (is any of these numbers or letters give away what is the gearbox used in each one of them?) Any advice? I plan to put my old gearbox back as the guy who changed it said it's already been fixed.

    Thanks in advance for your help.
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    The gearbox number would be on the gearbox itself.
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    Whereabout on the gearbox can I find it? Can you post a photo as an example?