Guides Jazz 2007: A Severe Service (GD1)

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    This is one for the record books in my eyes; a neighbour on my street has a 2007 Honda Jazz CVT, the 7 speed. He tagged me a few weeks back to have a look at his Jazz, the MIL was lit on the dash.

    I had a look at this car in the evening to find the ECU full of DTC's all related to engine and PGM-FI not to mention all four disc heavily corroded and poor brakes, but that was on the back burner until I fixed the core issues. I was totally shocked to see and learn this car had not been serviced four years.

    This Jazz had it first service in 2007 at 9000 miles and the current mileage was 36500 miles with no service stamps in the service book and under the hood it was confirmed the engine oil was blacker than a diesel oil and thicker than treacle.

    The list of problems on the Jazz:
    • The car making banging noises at idling.
    • Noises from the gearbox when slotted into Drive.
    • Idling irregular.
    • No air flow from blower unit.
    • Brakes non existent.
    • 16 DTC codes of all variants found which is all down to poor maintenance.
    The owners thought by putting the car through its MOT, it did not need anything else doing!

    First thing, get the car serviced with everything changed and flushed out. So last weekend I did this car until the heavens opened and wrecked the entire DIY but got the core stuff out of the way.

    A quick call to Holdcroft Honda Parts team ordered the service kit for this car at our club discount rates , the Jazz owners was mega happy with the prices :Wink:
    1. Airfilter x1
    2. Pollen Filter x1
    3. Oil filter x1 with sumpbolt crush washer
    4. Spark plugs x8
    5. CVT transmission fluid
    6. Engine oil from Lubetech Exol 5W-40 ( to be replaced after 1000 miles)

    Air Filter Change

    This is the world easiest air filter change ever, even my 8 year old can do it. It case of just taking off the four clamps as shown here and removing the top cover and remove the rubber hose.


    Top cover removed with the clean side of the air filter still dirty


    Now the dirty side , clearly see it beyond its serviceable life.


    The air-box showing it been working hard.





    Pollen Filter

    Again it really easy remove all the contents of the shelf and glove box and remove the two 8mm bolts at the bottom of the glove box.

    On removal you will see these two locators with a blue colour code the blue locator is where the 8mm bolts goes in and the two hole on either side are for the plastic dimples on the glove box as locator aligners.


    with both bolts off remove the glove box then we need to remove the shelf which is held with two Phillips head screws.


    With the screws off you can now remove the shelf it will be tight but persist gently it will move out like so


    With the shelf out of the way you can now reach the pollen filter hatch by pressing the two tabs at the end and pulling the filter out.


    You can see the difference between old and new.


    More to follow in next post Spark Plug change.
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    Spark Plug Change

    Since the GD1 has eight spark plugs it was best to tackle the more difficult rear bank of spark plugs first and then to the easier front bank of spark plugs.

    First remove the Intake manifold cover:


    Then remove the four rear ignition coils , ensuring you remember which coil came out of which position.

    To gain better access to the rear bank I removed all the vacuum hoses and removed the throttle cable all relatively easy the rear bank of ignition coils look like so with the rear ignition harness removed from it mounting position.


    To remove the wiring harness put a dab of penetrating fluid on each of the plastic connector locks then using a tiny flat head screw driver push the tiny tab gentle to lease the lock. Take your time with the gentle locks with time they get brittle and hard the easy you are with them the less chance of damage. the penetrating fluid does aid in making things easier.

    JAZZGD1RearbankSparkPlugsignitionleadscarrirerrightAOCUKDIY. JAZZGD1RearbankSparkPlugsignitionleadscarrirerAOCUKDIY.

    Then it's a case of removing the four coils replacing the spark plugs and torquing the coil bolt to the recommend torque as per the workshop manual applied a small quantity of anti-seize compound to the plug threads, and screw the plugs into the cylinder head finger-tight. Then torque them to 18nm.

    The front banks were easier all eight plugs were worn and heavily fouled and in poor condition.


    Next the dirty engine oil no pictures here as my hands were to messy and I dint want my iphone all grubby with dirty oil , especially the oil which came out of this car was smelt like tarmac.

    Engine Oil Change

    Remove the oil filter cap and leave on the top the engine pull dip stick out , remove the 17mm Bolt and drain the oil into a waste container.


    The oil filter was so heavily corroded all the blue paint started to crack revealing heavy corrosion the filter cup tool was slipping after a few layers of masking tape got some grip and remove it!

    I will put some actual photo when the car come back after 1000 miles for another drain and switch to 0w-30 oil.

    I could not do the CVT transmission flush as it started to rain and again the gearbox will get the same treatment with two flushes to get the car back into a shape.

    I have all the four brake disc and pads to change and a full brake fluid flush to do.

    Further instalments to follow :Wink:
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  3. Great job, but a real horror story that it was left that long.

    Was there still irregular idle/a banging noise at idle after the oil change?
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    That is one neglected car and i thought my filters were bad when you serviced my car.
    Great job
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    I have put a bottle of BG44K in the fuel tank, it has helped after the oil change the engine was perfect checked the timing which was out! When this fuel tank of BG44K has taken effect, it will get all the rubbish into the oil just in time for it to be drained.

    The gearbox is banging away in all gears though, badly :Angry:
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    This Jazz I've worked on was made in Japan and the quality from the UK and Chinese cars stand out from a mile. It's again a credit to Honda's engineering that a car so badly neglected is still going through it MOT's and still working.
    - - - Updated - - -
    I had a bad back after changing 8 plugs leaning over for that length of time.
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    What a poor little car. I wonder how much better it'll drive and how much better on fuel it'll be after you've finished. Well done mate.
  8. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    Cheers bud even the neighbour is happy with the results and he will ensure the car is serviced at the recommended times..
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    Does that mean he'll be seeing you once a year then!
  10. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    I will try to teach him bud so he can do it himself.