Daily Driver JDM EP3

7th Generation (2001-2005) vehicle added by tenz78, Sunday 24th Sep, 2017

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    A great looking EP3.
    Is the inside as sharp as the outside?
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    Thank you. Interior is ok(picture uploaded). A little bit of wear on the driver's seat and some random gadgets stuck to the dash. These will be removed at a later date.
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    mate i'm sure you will keep her looking great inside and out..
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    Back in December of last year, I collected my EP3 from BHP Imports. It's 2002 model with 85K miles on the clock (full conversion carried out by the importer). Grade 4B. It had a Spoonsports street muffler back box fitted on import, unfortunately, it had collapsed inside. Everything else was standard.

    After covering 500 miles the clutch died, then after this, the car has kept me busy most weekends. Which I'll list below.

    -OEM clutch and RPC flywheel, Inc. Honda MTF 3 and clutch fluid change. Spoon magnetic drain bolt.
    -Front engine mount insert.
    -Honda Knock sensor.
    -New starter motor.
    -Idler puller and auxiliary belt.
    -Honda front brake pads and brake fluid.
    -Basic service, Inc. Spoon magnetic drain bolt and air filter.
    -Honda ELD unit.
    -Valve clearances checked and adjusted.
    -New spark plugs.
    -New Honda back box.
    -4 new tyres.
    -Replaced the Japanese stereo for an OEM one.
    -Replaced various interior bulbs and wiper blades.
    -Replaced the worn handbrake, the chrome trim was peeling off.

    I've also changed the driver's seat. It was showing too much wear for my liking. So I purchased another pair of seats and used the best of the 2 for my driver's seat.

    I still have the central locking to repair, spare keys to cut, change some suspension bushes and have 4 wheel alignment. And couple more little things to sort out.

    Despite all the work in such a short time, I am now starting to enjoy the car. Maybe some mod's in the near future?

    tenz78_Bbl8Rr6n6G2. tenz78_Bc4GloTnOEn. tenz78_Bdus2JLHxmy. 20180118_161726. 20180118_161653. 20180118_161702. 20180118_164551. 20180119_082634. 20180209_105003 (1). 20180210_080810. 20180210_081718. 20180210_091650. 20180210_093712. 20180210_100252. 20180210_120414. 20180210_131529. 20180224_081521. 20180224_133029. 20180224_084307. 20180225_105033 (1). 20180310_092334. 20180310_095153. 20180310_100021. 20180310_105545. 20180310_105616. 20180310_101822. 20180310_100811. 20180310_105731.
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    Nice, what do you think to the lightened flywheel?