Honda Tuning Magazine John Veloso Interview - Problem Solver

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    Our new "History in the Making" series kicks off with a mover and shaker by the name of John Veloso of K-Tuned fame.

    John Veloso's been around longer than Honda's K-series engine, but there's arguably nothing more synonymous with him than that infamous i-VTEC powertrain. Owner and founder of K-Tuned, purveyor of K-series-related performance wares, Veloso's mission is to solve every foreseeable K-swap-related problem and deliver those solutions to the masses. He's been doing just that since the company's inception nearly eight years ago when he began developing and releasing products like its alternator relocation kit that affords more room under the hood and eliminates the need for additional fabrication on space-starved chassis. Other K-Tuned developments simplify shifting, fuel, and cooling systems, waiving any need to source custom or makeshift lines, fittings, and hoses. No matter the product, the results are the same: a simpler, less problematic engine swap. Veloso may be best known for his role at the Canadian-based K-centric company, but his roots transcend those 2.0L and 2.4L mills to the late-1980s when he first discovered the Honda brand or, as he's quick to point out, when the Honda brand discovered him. It wasn't until legendary tuning house owner and Spoon Sports founder and president Tatsuru Ichishima sought K-Tuned goods for his personal car, though, pointing out just how "smart" they were, that Veloso truly comprehended the sort of impact he'd made.

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