Introductions joined to day selling my rover buying a honda?

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    Hi all, having spent a shed load of cash, time, pain, and under the bonnet of a Rover 75 Diesel in 3 years of onership , it has to be a accord 2.2 diesel gen7 next.

    Looking to get a 05 plate 100,000 mile sport 2.2 diesel very soon. One real is the DMF /clutch problem? I know folk only post problems on forums (take a look at the rover site!!!) so the problem somtimes get over stressed. Should a worry?


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    Hi and welcome to AOC
    DMF i have heard a few fail but that was on remapped/tuned cars due to high torque.
    Clutch it all depends how hard car was driven,if the car hasnt been abused it should be ok.
    Buying a high mileage car is always a risk.
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    On top of what Zoran has said, look for service history and proof that the car has been looked after well.

    With diesels regular servicing is a must. If the car has been serviced well and driven normally all should be good.
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    hello and welcome
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    At 100k miles I'd budget for a clutch, even if it seems ok now, it will be tired.

    Also rear brakes on the 7th Generation, calipers go,due to lack of maintenance. Also there is a VSA module fault, can be pricey to fix, Vehicle stability assist, ESP/ traction control type of thing, google it.

    Also consider the petrol models, 2.0 is much cheaper to buy and more reliable, do you need diesel, do you do mega miles?
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    Well thank you all for the reply, from your comments and having a good look around the DMF / clutch is an issue, I do a fair amount of motor way miles, if it has a full Honda history would DMF change get recorded .
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    is this one of the rovers that honda owned at the time? pretty shure honda owned them for a short time ?
    anyway welcome to the honda Accord club.. by the way i have a 1999 VTEC 1.8 automatic
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    Honda had joint ventures with Rover up until BMW bought Rover in 1994.

    Honda had a 20% stake in Rover for a while then sold to BMW. The joint venture spawned the Rover 800/Honda Legend, Rover 600/5th Generation Accord, Rover 200/400/Honda Concerto.

    Swindon plant made Rovers and Cowley made Legends for a while, but the quality wasnt up to scratch for
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    Snap! My 75 died on me last week-clutch went so I found an Accord to replace it! Great minds and all that!!