Introductions Jumping from a c2007 Civic EX to a 2009 Accord EX

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    First post so a BIG hello

    This may not be the best place to ask for info so may start another thread later on (or a Mod could move this one)

    I've now done 104k in my Civic the heater works Intermittently and last night the clutch started slipping so that would be its third one needed since new.

    So time for a change.

    I have a mate at Honda and he's got a blue 2009 auto Ex with ADAS and 12k on the clock. although its not the tourer I was initially looking for.

    I made the mistake of reading the whats new on the 8th Generation post without realising that it was the 2011 facelift..Doh. I so want bi-xenons and them turny lights etc etc.

    The car is my mobile office. I can/have spent 16+ hrs in the Civic so it needs to have ALL the toys etc.

    What should I be looking out for?
    What should I make sure it has/Hasn't?

    I've been researching for the last week or so. But like when researching the Civic you don't seem to find much about all the faults until you buy it and find you have an issue.

    Thanks in advance folks
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    Hello and Welcome MPG,

    Sorry for the delay in responding , not sure how everyone has missed your post. I have the 2013 year model 2.4 ADAS and it has all the toys you will ever need in an Accord others will still want more thou :Whistle:

    What to look out of is nothing really they are amazing car, I have had mine for 5 months and still haven't done a review for it .. lack of time.

    Diesel facelift cars are more refined, quieter more toys and all the fixes have been applied to it.

    Just buy it you won't regret it.