Introductions Just bought 2005 2.2 cdti sports with 100k

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    I have spent many years owning vag cars but this time I decided that the honda's excellent 2.2 cdti engine, sporty looks and handling and excellent value swung a decision to buy.

    It's done 100k miles so is just run in for a diesel. I looked at 2 cars, the first car emitted smoke from around the exhaust manifold/ turbo area so I walked away.
    Although the 2nd car I looked at had 6k miles more on the clock it had 5 honda stamps in the log book and the dealer seemed more honest.

    I was very impressed with the way the car drove when I tested but for a 2.2 l engine and 140 BHP I think it could muster a little more power and torque. Must be careful with transmission though.

    I am going to take the honda to tunit - i have followed bromleys/ tunit for many years and they always seem to provide a reputable service.
    Unlike the vag tuning scene the honda diesel tuning scene appears to be in it's infancy and quite small and I find so many 'wild' claims for honda remaps - that's why i decided to go for a digital tuning box.

    Anyway, it would be good to know a little more about AOC forum in terms of engine tuning, improving handling and brakes, meetings etc.

    Best wishes

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    Welcome to AOC John, Hope you get a reliable experience from your new diesel Accord. There are pros and cons with remapping the diesel Accord just make sure you read up all the thread surrounding Honda diesel remaps before jumping in.
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    Would it be possible to find out if my 2005 accord has a DPF please?
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    Hello and welcome to AOC :Hey:
    No DPF on your car,8th Generation only have DPF.
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    Sorry, I just read the cdti does not have a DPF and the I-DTEC does??
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    Hey bud
    Welcome to AOC
    I would advise caution on the mods.. Read up on some of the threads. Coming from VW (like me ) you are well used to the modded scine however be careful. Research the tuning box as all i see is a digital ? box of tricks that just more or less over fules the engine.

    To much torque and you can kiss the clutch goodbye as with a tdi. REGULAR OIL CHANGES are a must DO NOT stick to Honda 12k chains can suffer again read up on the posts.

    All the best with the new motor pal :Smile: they are great cars but diesel can be fragile if not pampered :Smile:
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    Hi Primary, is the transmission not as strong as the vag 02m 6 speed units?
    I didn't 100& understand your comment regarding "DO NOT stick to Honda 12k chains can suffer again read ipod on the posts." - could you try again.
    Seems like you guys aren't far from me -Northampton, and my folks used to live in Shirley. Ever get to any car racing events.
    I might go to Le Mans next year.

    Best wishes

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    Welcome to AOC John_Y.
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    Thanks - a fellow 'brummy'
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    Hey John

    Yep not to far from me.. I am in Rugby tonight - sisters 50th !

    ipod was typo damn predictive text...:Smile:

    12.5K Oil changes ( 0 - 30 ONLY ) are a bad idea on the diesel.. Or any diesel I would say plays havoc with the timing chain. I change mine about every 4K and I use Genuine Honda filters from HH and oil from Lubetec (tony) who is based in Northants and is very reasonable with the club discount.

    As for VAG 6 speed box, you are from the VW scine and there is masses of info on these, they are prone to failure mainly bearing issues all very common and about £400 - 500 to fix plus labour to remove and fit. The Honda box is better in my view and would seem a much much lower failure rate. They all suffer with the duel mass flywheel issues and the more torque you push through the more likely it is to fail.

    If you look after her you should be ok with the turbo as they seem more robust than the recycled plastic crud VW fit and cam shafts don't tend to melt like the chocolate ones fitted to the 150bhp VW tdi... On the whole the Honda diesel does come with issues and as I said shed loads of info on the forum just look under the 7th Generation section but there are far less problems in the long run when compaired to the VW stuff.

    No the modding scene is much smaller than the VW well for the Accord at least - Me personally I would not go for remap but thats just me nor would I entertain digi box mods for reason I said before. The Accord is a good motor and you will enjoy it, what were you driving before?

    Again with the mods if you are taking to tuners make damn sure they know and fully understand their Hondas a Honda diesel unit will cost just as much to rebuild as a VW..

    Good luck and take it easy bud OH and get some pic up of your sport :Thumbup:
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    Hi Pimary,

    I drove a fabia 1.9 tdi pd100 with allard intercooler and map to 180bhp and 300lb ft and had not problems with the 5 speed (02a?) box.
    Also had a leon 1.9 tdi pd130 again with allard intercooler and remap to over 200bhp and 320 lb ft.
    When I came back from Asutralia I worked for Allards for a while who had some dealiings with Celtic Tuning!
    Both cars were reliable but I drive with a great deal of mechanical sympathy and attend to servicing.
    I always use Millers oils which have a good reputation.
    My wife and I have been shopping in Rugby this afternoon - how I love xmas shopping!

    Best wishes


    NB THIS is the link to my new car.
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    Also, I notice that turbo has a larger compressor wheel compared to vag 1.9 tdi unit 1752 rather than 1749 and perhaps this is why they emit very low exhaust gas co etc.

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    This is true, the the 130 pd variable vain turbo was a very poor unit prone to carbon buildup especially in town like driving situations self destruction was common the 150 was worse and the 170 just a liability. The best unit they did was the 110bhp unit in terms of reliability at aleast. After that it has been a steady but consistent slide down hill for VAG...
    - - - Updated - - -
    Hey love the motor, much better colour than mine :Frown: I looked at least 12 before I bought mine and ended up with Silver which not top of my list at all but it was by far the best condition car I could find at the time.

    I came from an A6 PD TDI wife has recently ditched her Passat sport pd tdi in favor of a Subaru much to my disgust as I was angling for a 8th Generation tourer for her, long story .. Have to say though the Subaru although quite big and chunky even for a tourer is a nice car.

    This is my first Honda but have been hugely impressed with it over the VAG stuff I had for the last 20 odd years. 7th Generation is dated now but I still enjoy driving it and am only likely to bin it in favor of a 8th Generation when finances allow.

    As for xmas shopping makes me :Crazy:

    Off to Hillmorton in a bit for a party, brother lives in Rugby, my wife is from Solihul !
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    Hi, do you know if the honda has EGR carbon/ soot deposit build up as per the vag unit?
    Does your wife have the flat four diesel boxer engine.
    I looked at a gun metal grey car which I like more than the blue/ purple car I bought but again it has a better history and overall condition.
    I guess my ultimate dream car would be a pure gt/ sports diesel like THIS one.

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    Yes was for her 40th birthday

    I am no lover of the recent or current VAG crop reliability is at best poor.

    Look at 7th Generation threads on the forum and read up on Diesel problems for all their issues they are very good cars.

    EGR is as vw cleanable mine was replaced in 2010 by previous owner and his not been a problem but as with most diesel they can suffer with crud build up. Take it off and have a look bud.
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    Hi, any chance you could help me take it off and inspect - no rush?

    Best wishes

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    Not done an Accord will look up whats involved. Looked at mine and can see it need to figure out removal.

    Anyone done this guys ??
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    Sorry, one more question - do you know where the obdii port is located as I want to try my scantool.
    I am going to use some millers ecomax injector cleaner when i pick up the car.
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    Hello John and welcome to AOC.
    The OBD port is under the dash drivers side, stereo side. It points straight down.
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    is the port exposed or covered by a cover