NSX Just bought a new car

Discussion in 'Lounge & Gossip' started by exec, Sunday 4th Jan, 2015.

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    What you guys think? :jumpy:



    Unfortunately I didn't buy it :Frown:, but i am seriously starstruck as this is my life long dream car! Popped out to do the mundane task of moving my car to a marked parking spot in the cold and I spotted this little beauty when driving. I have seen this car in my area a few times, the first of which was like 10 years ago back when I was still in school and I ran after it in the hope it would stop and park somewhere so I could take a proper close look at it, as I have never seen an NSX so up close and personal, but unfortunately it went away somewhere.

    Today I got the chance to take a look at one up close and personal, it was a bit surreal seeing one bang in the middle of a busy residnetial link road in East London, not somewhere I would park something like that if it was mine. But man this thing is just a thing of beauty :Wub: spent about 5 minutes just looking and admiring it, the suspension alone is a piece of art :GiveRose: you could parts of it through the wheels, I so wanted to come back with my dslr take some proper snaps but that would probably be a bit OTT! Was so sad to walk away from it, its so tiny too but has huge presence. One thing I noticed on this is that all the windows were fogged up badly inside and so was the rear lights. :nea:

    Anyway it's shame there isn't any Honda Karma business cards, as could of put one on the window, or maybe whoever owns this is a member here?

    A bit of a pointless thread, but just wanted to share. :boss:
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    You wind up merchant man, my jaw was dropping at the title! :lol:

    No doubting she's a beauty, I don't even care about owning one as it stands, I just want to get behind the wheel :newrussian:

    It's my bad entirely that we haven't got any out yet, I'm a little swapped in real life at the moment and have a bit of a backlog on club things to catch-up on, it's one of the top priority things, it will happen as soon as possible!
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    You big tease! :telloff:
    I thought you'd joined the NSX brigade.
    One day maybe...:Wub:
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    Haha you had me @exec!

    I'm quite surprised its parked on the road though.
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    :sorry: would love to own one, even just for a day, to experience the whole car.

    No worries man it no rush, I could probably sneakily slap one of the HK stickers on it next time I see it.