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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Paul Astbury, Sunday 10th Feb, 2013.

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    Good morning all,
    After many battles with the Modeo ST 2.2 I have decided to get a new car and a Honda Accord it is ! My father has had 3 of these and he has not managed to break one yet so I am confident they are reliable. Also my Fireblade has never let me down either !

    So I am asking is there anything to look out for problem wise ? The car still has 12 months warranty left on it so I will make use of it if required.
    The drive is nice and smooth, even though it does feel a little under powered compared to the TD but that does not bother me.
    According to Accords (excuse the pun) MPG data it will only be around 3-5mpg less than the TD and with the petrol around here being 9p a litre less than diesel I think we may actually save a little on fuel expense too.

    Finally can you adapt the display system to allow DVD's to be played ? or shall I just stick to the headrest players?

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    Hi Paul and welcome to AOC
    No specific petrol problems to look out for.I had rust on my sunroof which is now sorted(not sure if your car has sunroof).
    As for the DVD i am not sure,i use headrest players on long journeys.
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  3. Hi Paul and welcome, you made the right choice, and you'll find the power at higher revs (once you let it warm up properly).
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    Hi Paul, Welcome to AOC.

    On my 7th Generation, I've done a lot of hacking to get a computer hooked upto the sat nav screen. I'm not sure if theres is anything available on the market that will allow you to display a DVD on the 8th Generation screen.

    Probably easier and cheaper taking the headrest screen option.
  5. Paul Astbury New Member Getting Started

    Gutted DOT com. I have had a call from the dealer today and they cannot get the rear camera to work and what with the nav going screwy on the test drive , I think the deal is broken !! Anyone know of a good latest generation petrol ex or ES GT with nav going between 8-10k let me know.
    Many thanks

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    Oh, so you did not buy the Accord 2.0 ? Wanted to add to SayamaAccord's comment that you do will find the power (plenty!) on the higher revs (3 to 4k+). I love that engine 2.0) so much.
    So there are 2 problems with the car you testdrove: satnav 'screwy' and no rear camera. Very strange it can't be solved, especially as it's still manufacturers warranty?
  7. Paul Astbury New Member Getting Started

    I don't think the dealer wants to get it done ! They said it's over £1000.00 to repair and I feel they want me to accept it as is, they did say they would put front and rear sensors on it ! But I don't want a screen saying contact honda due to the fault !! Just to let you know it is not a honda dealer so I am going to a Honda dealer in the morning it may cost a little extra but I think it will be worth it in the long run.
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    Can you imagine what a 12 month warranty is worth with the dealer you visited? Imagine the problem would come up 2 months after you bought the car!
  9. Good move Paul, it's their problem, and now it stays that way. There'll be other cars. Try the used section of the Honda UK website as there are vehicles on there that aren't always on AutoTrader ebay etc.