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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by RussBates, Saturday 20th Jun, 2015.

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    England Russell Bristol
    Hi guys, I'm Russell Bateman and today I picked up my very first car - a 2010 Honda Civic Type-S 1.4 (it's arguably closer to 1.3l) FK4. It currently has 35K miles on it and as you can see in the images it is Milano Red.

    Originally I set out to buy a late 90's EJ but I had some extra money and had some "urging" from my parents to buy something "decent". I liked the styling of the 9th Generation Civic, especially the Type-S with it'Type-S-R-esque grille and side skirts so I ended up finding a fairly well priced one in good condition.

    I have only had a handful of hours worth of driving experience with it and I couldn't be happier with my choice! It's not what most people would call fast but it certainly doesn't feel like a slow car to me. The steering is really light and there is very little body roll going into corners slightly faster than you should which I am pleased with.

    Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your tastes) I'm going to keep the vehicle stock for a year or two purely because of cost when you factor in studying at university. But things I would like to do to it eventually include getting the hood wrapped black (would look good with the red body I think), a Mugen style front + rear spoiler and a set of ATS alloys I have been looking at for a while . I can't imagine there are many performance part manufacturers producing parts for the R13a engine so I'll be quite limited in that respect.

    So far it seems to be a great car. Is there any other Type-S fans on here!?
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  2. SpeedyGee Administrator Staff Team

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    Hi Russell, welcome to Honda Karma :Hey:

    Looks like you have found a tidy little example. Glad you like her :Smile:

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    Welcome to HK from another Type-S fan (thought whichever Honda you get, I'm sure you'll love it).

    Congratulations on your first car. . As Speedy said, :garage: and also, more pictures. we love pictures here :Smile:
  4. Nighthawk Guest

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    Welcome to HK Russell, she looks in lovely condition. Make sure you keep on top of the red paintwork as red is prone to fading if its neglected and not protected with polish/wax.

    What you studying at uni? Doesnt matter how fast she is, as long as you are happy with her in my opinion.
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    England Russell Bristol
    Thanks! I have stocked up on plenty of red Turtle Wax Colour Magic so hopefully that should maintain the vibrant paint job. I am studying a degree in Computer Systems Integration which is about programming and designing embedded computers!
  6. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    Welcome to HK Russell. :welcome:
    Good to see you've started with a Honda. :gohonda:
    I hope those kegs weren't from the celebrations when you collected her! :beer
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    England Russell Bristol
    Haha, I was at my mates flat when I took those pictures which happens to be right next to a pub! Unfortunately the kegs were empty
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    Welcome to the club @RussBates, looks like a tidy example! Pop her into the club garage and she'll appear in your signature below each post.

    It's an L13Z1 my friend, and you're unfortunately correct on the performance parts side. Though there's styling options out there :Smile:
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    Hello:Bye:and :welcome:to :gohonda: Karma
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    England Russell Bristol
    Thanks for the correction! I was looking under the bonnet for the engine name and saw a part number R13a - I had assumed this was the engine name.

    The next day I had found the manufacturer badge on the door and it clearly labels the engine as an L13Z1.
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    Hi Russell. Welcome to :gohonda: family.