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    I’ve normally done all my cleaning/polishing by hand, but I’ve heard so much good stuff about these machines. I managed to get a returned Meguairs DA220 machine from Amazon Warehouse at less than half price, complete with all the bits. It appears the box has simply been opened and the item returned. Normally I use Autoglym products, but I understand that only their silicon resin polish is suitable for use with a machine polisher. I’ve got one pad at the moment, but I would love some advice on what is best for this machine, despite a request to Meguiars they have not responded. I’d like to finish with HD wax, but like everything, it’s good foundations that make for a good finish. I don’t expect to use the machine throughout the cleaning process.
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    Good machine the 220 i have the Dodo equivalant. Buy most of my materials from Ultimate finish. Maguires do a good range but current favourite Poorboys. Dependant on the paint condition, swirls etc need a softish cut as paint soft followed by sealant then a coat of wax. What colour car have you got as this can have a bearing on whats required.

    Have you been on the Detailing world web site, great info on there.
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    Hi Mike,

    Clean your car is also a good site, have a look at the packages with pads and compounds, you'll get an idea of what you need.

    Meguiars G220 v2 - Complete Menzerna Kit - Clean Your Car

    Depends as Bowler said how swirly your paintwork is. If its not too bad you won't need the hardest pads and compounds. Its a trial an error process, test different pad and compounds to see which works best.

    I've not used mine loads, my results on paint were fairly poor, but with clear plastic lights come up like new.

    All the best and get some pics up of your results.


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    Thanks Bowler and Richsprint. The car is sparkle grey, and the paint isn’t in that bad a condition, (there are a couple of blemishes which may need cutting, one on the roof and one on the hatch lid) but I want it better! I was thinking of trying silicon resin with the machine to try to remove the blemishes but I may need to use something coarser, starting on the roof. I will check out the sites you have mentioned to get the car to a condition to use silicon resin and then finish with HD wax by hand.
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    Autoglym super resin, has some cutting compound in it, so it will remove mild scratches. I stopped using it a few years ago as I didnt like the excessive amount of white dust/residue it leaves. Its also not that durable, only lasts a few weeks.

    I'd recommend using a mild menzerna compound like on clean your car, then seal the finish with something like Meguiars NXT wax liquid. Its durable, beads for months, leaves a soft finish and has little dust.

    don't forget to clay and de-tar before you start, claying takes all that roughness off the surface of the paint.
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    Thanks Richsprint. I have been an Autoglym man for years and years since being able to tour the limo shop at Daimler Jaguar. There are not many of the companies products I do not like. The white dust produced with silicon resin is never a problem for me because the polish has always been used as a base coat over the years for either extra gloss protection or now a days, HD Wax.
    I have the Autoglym clay kit ready to use, I have never used clay in the past, this is a first for me. The car had a coat of HD wax about a year ago, it is still beading well because the car is always garaged. It wasn’t clayed before the HD wax was applied, I just used HD Cleanser. Autoglym has told me that their HD Cleanser should not be applied by machine. With that in mind I’m thinking of the following sequence. Wash, HD Cleanser by hand, wash, clay, silicon resin (by machine), two coats of hd wax by hand. I have asked Autoglym’s 'ask the expert' what the best sequence should be, but they haven’t responded.
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    Also have a read on A world for detailers... some excellent examples on there, of wash, cleanse and protect processes.
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    Autoglym Super Resin Polish doesn't have enough cutting power for paint correction, it's fine for hand application but not for a machine. The abrasives will break down far too quickly if you use it with a machine polisher and you'll be wasting your time trying to get decent correction with it. Your G220 is a good machine, I owned one for years before going to a rotary polisher.

    I'm currently using Wolf's products and find them to be very good, I used Menzerna medium cut polish with my G220 and it was very good indeed.

    Keep the SRP for a quick polish on a Sunday afternoon. You need something a bit more serious for machine work. You'll also need plenty of 3M blue tape too to mask up the bits you don't want to get polish residue on.
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    An update, the Autoglym tech team said their silicon resin polish is fine to use with the machine, but nothing else they do in their commercial range is suitable. SO, I gave it a go on the wife’s car. I have to say, her car has come out superb, a real difference and I’m very happy with the results, the wife even made positive comments. Wash, tar remover, clay, silicon resin by machine, extra gloss protection by hand. Her car is pearl white and is an 09 reg so the paint wasn’t in that bad a condition. It has always had Autoglym EGP on it from new but it needed a spruce up. My FR-V is next on the list to do but I’ll finish with HD Wax.
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    Nice one Mike. Try take some before and after pics of your work mate :Smile:
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    me too and it works really well.. you can get 99% swirl removal.
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    Autoglym super resin polish is classed a a bit of an all in one product, "masks" swirls, lays down a sealant base for protection and spruces up the paint finish pretty well. It won't offer much in the way of paint "correction", designated abrasive polishes are the products for doing that :0