Engine & Gearbox Just bought my very first honda!

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    Hi all just bought a W plate honda accord 1.8s. I intend to give it a full service this weekend myself.
    It has 99000 miles on it and the engine sounds very sweet when running. You can hardly tell it's on at al when sitting inside- no vibrations no noise, no nothing!

    The only thing is the owner said the timing belt was done at 60k but he didn't have receipts. I'm therefore going to assume it hasn't been done.

    How big a job is it? Does the whole front end need to come off?

    Also so does anyone have tips for the service?

    Thanks all
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    Hi and welcome there are a few 6th Generation DIY threads done by Andy so its pretty much straight forward. The timing belt job on the 6th is pretty elaborate and there is a diy on this too ..i think .

    just look it up bud.
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    Yes I bought a W reg a few months ago. I agree, you would swear it was six cylinder. One of the best cars I've had. I only paid £500 for it and so far nothing has gone wrong. A very reliable car. From now on its Honda for me.

    I like the coupe version and may look out for one.
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