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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Tetsu0san, Thursday 22nd Oct, 2015.

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    After me having various 4x4's over the years the Wife has decided that she wanted one. So about 2 weeks ago we bought an 02 petrol CR-V.

    It's a fairly untidy beast but it seems solid. Has a faulty knock sensor that I will hopefully be fixing over the weekend, and then I'll give it a fresh service and then hopefully it'll be good for a while.

    Personally I drive a '98 525tds BMW touring and an '84 Land Rover 110. We also have a '73 VW Beetle on the drive that I am slowly welding back to health.

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    Hello and Welcome to HK Noel.
    Good collection of wheels you have got covering all bases. I am sure with a little bit of TLC the CR-V will give you plenty of trouble free miles.
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    Thanks for that. The biggest issue is that it has the knock sensor issue and I don't think it has been serviced very well. There was very little oil in it when we got it so I've topped it up ready for the full service. The other issues are that the wheels are a little rusty, the bonnet has a couple of rust patches and it has been keyed down the side.

    But it drives well and it has a long MOT, so all good really.
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    Wow, what a selection of cars!

    Welcome to HondaKarma @Tetsu0san and I hope the CR-V becomes an 'old faithful.'

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    :welcome: to HK Noel. I'm sure your CR-V will be great once you've given her some TLC. Hondas are smashing cars, but like all of them, they will serve you better if they are looked after. I'm sure your wife will be pleased once you've got the sensor and service sorted out.

    Feel free to ask any question. We have a great bunch of helpful members here but please use the search function initially as the answer may already be there.
    In the meantime, please add your CR-V to the Club Garage - It helps us when helping you. :Hey:
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    So, not sure if I should update here or not, but I'll do it anyway. We've had the car a while now and apart from it being a little thirsty (compared to the Nissan Almera Tino dCi that it replaced) it's quite nice. I rplaced the knock sensor after a bit of faffing around and it has been OK since then with no EML. I did a full service too and I was very surprised at how easy it was to get at everything. And such a small oil filter too!

    I then took a few hours and sorted out a few of the very minor jobs that needed doing. The drinks tray jobbie was broken (the roll pin had sheered off) so I replaced that with a nut and bolt and that's all good. I fixed the rear interior light as that didn't work when you opened the door. I tried to fix the lose seat but that is down to all the bushes being a little worn so we'll have to live with that. I think there were a few other bits and pieces but I can't remember right now.

    So next on the list is to try and address a couple of rust patches on the bonnet and the big scratch down the passenger side. Also the headlights need polishing too.

    Now just waiting for some snow..
  8. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    Good to see you're getting things done. If you :garage:then you will also get a Project Log to record these on.
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    Hi noel, welcome to the forum :Smile: