Aftermarket Kit Just got a spin polish and perspex fitter to my boot :-)

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    Still waiting on spring assistors to raise the back of the car up again

    318770_474841719205960_269467832_n. 374880_474846382538827_53400192_n. 522932_474842035872595_145617193_n. 549016_474842055872593_1645499852_n.
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    You can see the car is lowered at the back due to the weight , looks like a clean install.

    I bet it sounds awesome.
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    it does, really good :Smile: thanks
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    Looks good. Did you install the system yourself ?
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    No point in asking for a youtube then.. lol it will never replicate the real sound. does the speakers light up round the bezels or the amp ?
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    i will get you a video later, the speakers don't light up, the amps light up and the perspex lights up.

    i've managed to do this without changing the standard head unit.

    the front door speakers have been changed to mtx speakers also.

    this system was "donated" from my old vectra, we had enough stuff in the vectra to fully kit out a Civic and this accord with big systems, so imagine the vectra!!!
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    Thanks bud it will be great if you could get a clip I am sure lot of people will be eyeing this as an option ...:Wink:A few question for you

    For the front speaker upgraded did you have to make any alteration to the door cars etc., as it would great to know how you have achieved it as I may be tempted myself.

    As for the standard amp has that been removed ?
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    didnt have to alter the front doors at all, just made a wooden template for the speakers to sit, regarding tweeters, you can sit them in behind the cover where there current one sites, or alternatively cut a whole and sit the tweeter on the cover so its not hidden by the mesh, but this depends on the type of tweeter you have.

    the standard amp is still there but it is deactivated and bypassed.

    the speakers in the back shelf have been removed to allow the bass from the boot to come through them so that its not all trapped in the boot.

    ill photograph in detail later todat
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    1x set of MTX 6.5" High end Components (front)
    1x rear speakers, MTX but can't remember which model
    2x MTX 9512-04 Subs
    1x MTX Thunder 92001 Mono Block Amp
    1x MTX Thunder 7402 2 channel amp (powering front)
    1x MTX Thunder 5402 2 channel amp (powering rear)

    everything is installed in such a way that it looks standard if you were to look in, the only give away would be the tweeters on the doors.
    the speakers were removed front he back shelf to allow bass from the boot to pass through
    the subs have custom molded fiberglass boxs fitted to the boot



    _DSC8806. _DSC8807. _DSC8808. _DSC8809. _DSC8810. _DSC8812. _DSC8813.

    The only other work I got done was two exhausts put on the back

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    Very nice install :Thumbup:

    I'm interested in how the standard head unit connects to the ICE you've installed and what level the signals are used to feed it.

    I know the premium audio setup has a small silver box amplifier (behind the dash in the saloon? and in the boot in the tourer next to the DVD rom for the sat nav).
    I believe the standard audio system doesn't have this box (the premium system also has more speakers? as well as the small OEM subwoofer [well... bass woofer])

    From what i can make out from this thread and other comments, i'm guessing in the standard audio the head unit directly feeds the speakers, obviously with a speaker level signal.
    In the premium audio this silver box (amplifier) appears and so probably amplifies the speaker level signal from the head unit to a higher power rating for the upgraded (premium OEM) speakers.

    So, there are no low-level/line-level pre-amp outputs on the Honda head unit (and both the standard & premium audio systems appear to use exactly the same head unit).
    So there is no phono/RCA plugs anywhere on the head unit to connect an after market ICE amp to (although it use to be common place for after market amps to have both high & low level inputs for versatility, i don't know if that's still the case).

    If that's roughly correct, i guess the adapter box you point out in one of your pictures takes the high-level (speaker signal) from the head unit directly (as you have bypassed and de-activated the OEM amp box) and reduces this level down to a low-level signal and you can see RCA/phono leads coming out of it towards the after market amps.
    So they had to run wires from the connector (that usually connects to the OEM silver box amp) in the front to the boot to feed into the adapter box (with a speaker level signal).

    Is that right?

    Cheers, Mark.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Forgot to mention, i saw an ebay advert that shows the silver box amp being part of the advanced navigation pack (sat nav, reverse camera, cd changer & premium audio with sub): Generation-2009-Sat-Nav-Unit-/400350518103?pt=UK_In_Car_Technology&hash=item5d36c01b57
    "AMPLIFIER MODEL :- 39186-TL4-G012"
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    I think your best just tapping off the speaker wires at the rear of the stereo and sending them to a high level input of a separate amp. You should still have sub control too.
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    Agreed m8.

    The silver box amp for the premium audio appears to be in the boot next to the DVD-rom (for the sat nav) in the tourer, so if i've understood how the system works correctly the connector wires feeding into the silver box amp should be the same speaker feed wires direct from the head unit that you're describing.

    So everythings already collected together for me in the boot - the head unit speaker wire feeds, the OEM amp and the sub, now that's handy :Smile:

    Again, if i've understood the system setup correctly (i won't be able to have a look and measure signals until after i get the car), i could just replace the OEM amp with a better (& higher power) after market amp and re-wire accordingly.

    The only fly in the ointment for keeping it simple would be stripping interior panels and finding a way through the bulkhead to get the power supply wiring cables from the battery in the engine bay to the boot for the more powerful amp. But you can't have everything :Wink:

    The sub should be ok, assuming the amp for the sub is built into the sub compartment with the driver and its not powered direct from the OEM amp (ie, if its a 5 channel amp).

    I'd made the assumption that high level (speaker level) inputs weren't common on amps any more as the OP had the adapter box fitted to use phono low level signal leads to his amps, but maybe just those particular amps didn't have them.
    Or for some reason the adapter box was of a much higher audio quality than the amps own signal level reduction circuit, but that seems unlikely.

    Cheers, Mark.

    - - - Updated - - -


    I've done a quick google and at least 2 of the 3 amps the OP had fitted do have high level inputs (can't find 5402 specs).
    It may be that it was just easier and quicker to daisy chain phono leads from the adapter box into the first amp, use the send out phono to go into the next amp, and so on to the 3rd.
    Otherwise they would have had to manually wire the speaker level signals to each of the 3 amps high level inputs.
    That's the only reason i can think of (unless the 3rd amp i couldn't find any data on doesn't have high level inputs, but I very much doubt that).

    Cheers, Mark.

    <EDIT: The 3rd amp is actually a 4252 from the pics, it does have a high level input as well>
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