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    Hello everyone

    Yesterday I bought a 2000 W reg Honda Accord 2,0 VTEC off Ebay for the bargin basement sum of £500. Needless to say it needs a few items sorting out. It drives fine, smooth and powerful and has a full service history and lot of old bils etc.

    Its done 104k miles which I believe to be genuine (I contacted a previous owner). However its a bit scruffy on the outside. The interior is fine but the boot area is awfull and I hope to be able to replace the mat and upholstry there.

    The rear bumper needs new clips - its loose, but was shocked to find they are £2.10 each! and being a tight Lancastrian , I balked at that, but was happy to recieve a free continuation service book from the dealership.

    The other problem I need to sort out is the air con - it does not work and the radiator fans do not run.

    So thats about it for now. I would welcome any help and advice. Also is there a local meet in the North Derbyshire area.


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    Hi flyerphil, welcome to AOC.

    Another 6th Generation owner here. Your air con might be out of refrigerant, you could try and regas it but it could cost about £50 depending where you go, and if your seals have gone then its won't be worth it. You need to really get it diagnosed else you'll potentially just be wasting cash and from a tight Scot to a tight Lancastrian... that hurts bad lol

    My radiator fans take an age to come on to be honest, but it never overheating. Is your temp gauge high?

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    Hi Andy, I believe Flyerphil means the radiator fan does not come on when switching on the aircon.
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    Phil is that what you meant?
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    Yes its the twin radiator fans that do not come on.

    I suppose I could risk £50 for a regass. However with sun roof and windows open its not too bad.

    I have just discovered the bumper clip are available on ebay for £5 for 10.