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    I've got an Accord X reg 1.8 Auto, which I've had from new, well 25 miles and it's nicely run in with 143k on the clock. I bought the car after a pedestrian accident and I had to buy an automatic and at the time, I didn’t know what the future held and I wanted a car but that would last.

    No problems in fact I estimate the cost of running it, is in single pence if you exclude the tax, fuel & insurance, so I've had a really good run. I have some medical issues, one is my spine so I had 2 Type-R Recaros installed which are just heaven to sit in. They were fitted to the existing frames so they are higher so when I step out I don't have step up, nice!
    I live in Stow on the Wold, so after moving (8 miles) a few years ago and as it gets very icy up here I bought some winter tyres and spare rims, a good move!The car runs great but then I'm pedantic about its servicing.

    The same guy(Honda trained) serviced it 9 years, then he sorted of dropped out of servicing(pity) this year.
    So after the alternator went and it was coming for a full service, I spent £600approx. Still needs 2 items still to be done, and that is the problem, after alternator(I sourced it & its pukka) was replaced, one then another garage have not been able fix it. The belts are

    Gates whom I’m informed by my ex-servicing guy supply the OEMs. So a quandary how do I rectify this matter.

    Regards Beecee

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    Welcome to AOC BeeCee.

    Wow you've had your Accord from new ! Good going. We'd love to see some pictures.

    I didn't quite catch what you were saying about your alternator, your still having an issue after it had been replaced ?

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    Hi SpeedyGee
    I'll stick up some pics up when I've had it washed, my cred on AOC (none so far) could be shattered!
    Yup still there., not so bad but I can feel it through the steering at low speeds. I'm attempting to find out if those fitted are correct: PowerSteering Belt no. Gates 4pk1063 + Alternator Belt no. Gates 6pk1103. anyone know? I have found a good local garage, but they didn't supply them and also didn't replace the cam belt/water pump which we agreed. One partner away, then the other on, a comms. break down! Expect I didn't lose out on the 140k service re the required, and I do want that Cam belt changing. Had one go on a Viva back in 1972 on the Kingston Bypass, new engine, painful!

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    You washed that car yet :Smile:
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    Nope, still waiting to get the belts fixed. My man is now in the frame & the MOT (run out) booked for Monday the earliest date! Got a body shop sorted to tart it up, scratches etc. Pic soon I promise.