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    Hi all!
    My mame is Mihai.
    We kind of met before because I was asking for some advices in buying my car. So, I could say I got it because of you!
    I am the proud owner of a Honda Civic 06 plate, 1.8 petrol which has about 128 k on clock.
    I really enjoy it, looks and drive fantastic.
    I have a lot of plans for it like tinted windows, black genuine 17' alloys and some Type-R parts like bumpers and spoiler.
    For now, I have to change my condenser because it has a leak, the engine coolant sensor and later the discs and pads.
    That is why my tuning plans have to wait for some time.
    Nice to meet you all and happy to be a member of this Honda lovers community

    image. image. image.
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    Welcome to Honda Karma @paDRE

    I see it's taken you a few months but congrats on finding yourself a Civic.

    This is a common problem and more than likely the sensor itself will probably be OK but the connector on the wiring loom gets corroded and no longer makes a good connection.

    Check the connector out first before you commit to buying a sensor.

    Look forward to seeing the mods. Please do add your car to the Club Garage, it will help us to help you and also we can follow along with your mods :Smile:
    How to add your vehicle to the Club Garage
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    Hello and welcome to HK
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    Welcome to HK @paDRE and congratulations on your Civic. :gohonda:
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    Welcome to HondaKarma @paDRE and congratulations on the Civic.

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