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    Previous member of the Honda Accord owners Club which went a bit pear shaped a couple of years ago. I Own a 2009 EXGT saloon in metal metallic, which has proven a superb and reliable car, Fitted with Vredestein wintrac extreme tyres it handles winter weather with the exception of heavy snow fall with complete confidence. The low skirts of the EXGT necessitate caution and damage avoidance. However I am awaiting delivery of a 2013 Land Rover Freelander which should hopefully cope with snow of the North York Moors.
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    England Speedy Birmingham
    Welcome to AOC Buddy. You got much snow up your way at the mo ?
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    No snow at the moment we had a couple of inches last week but nothing compared with the winter before last when 4ft left us blocked in for almost three weeks.
  4. Hi Jim and welcome, I remember your sign on from THAOC.

    Are you trading the Accord in or keeping it as well?
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    England CJ Leeds
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    Welcome on board!