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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Ralphk, Friday 1st Jul, 2016.

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    Hi all! Just dropping a line to introduce myself. Ordered my new CR-V EX auto in Lunar silver with black leather interior today. Delivery will be week from Monday probably.
    I have a Civic Tourer currently but can't get on with the lack of room compared to my Freelander 2 of two years ago.
    Have I done the right thing 'cause it will be hellish expensive if I haven't.
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    Hello @Ralphk and welcome to HK.
    Congrats on your purchase of the new CR-V. Did you go for petrol or diesel? We have plenty of CR-V owners here who are very happy with their vehicles in terms of space, practicality, comfort and flexibility so I see no reason for you to regret your decision.

    Interesting point about the Civic .. It is one of the most spacious car in its class but obviously compared to an SUV it will be cramped.
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    Hi!. I went for the diesel for economy and having had the diesel in the Civic I can vouch for what a super power plant it was. The extra power of the engine in the CR-V will enable it to show its metal. I had a test drive for an hour this morning and I must say the room and comfort was super. My wife has a Jazz in automatic entry form and would not drive the Civic as it was a manual. Hence we have had the automatic this time.
    The Freelander was a super car and I shouldn't have sold it really but I kidded myself that I didn't need the room anymore. The Civic Tourer is a super car but just a little too small for us and our golf clubs, luggage and the the rest of the paraphanalia when we go away.
    I am really looking forward to getting it now and will post pictures when I get it.
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    Welcome to HondaKarma @Ralphk :welcome:

    I doubt you'll regret the CR-V, it's a super vehicle.

    With a Civic Tourer previously and a Jazz I'd hardly say you're on the 'dark side.' I think you've seen the light...:Grin:
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    Been there with an FL2, well my parents have, if you genuinely want to go off-road or tow regularly then the FL2 is superior. After that, the CR-V is a far better vehicle in every other way.
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    Welcome to Honda Karma @Ralphk :Hey:
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    Nice to get all the welcoming messages,all I need now is the car!
    I have a sticker coming to me for the window.
    I can't wait to get going.
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    United Kingdom RK Malvern
    Will do!
    I have ordered the OEM mudguard set, next will be the exhaust chromed bit and front rubber mats. Tried Holdsworth but they never bothered coming back to me. Bit of a mistake really as I always spend on my new cars with extras!