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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by deejay451, Tuesday 23rd Jun, 2015.

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    Hello there; I've now had my 2006 Honda CR-V EX diesel for about 2 1/2 years and I love the car!! It did cost a bit 2 months after I bought it, for a new clutch, dm flywheel, 1st and 2nd synchro assembly and a gear selector fork. (I only took it in for recall work and a crunch going into first) (and Honda did stand the cost of the synchro assembly) It's the first time ever I took a car to a garage (I'm now 70) and I can't believe the price of spares for Hondas. My last wagon was a 1966 VW splitscreen and by comparison, spares for it were cheap!!. Anyway, I've not joined because I'm much of a social animal, but because I now have trouble with my aircon not working. I've read everything I can find and need advice.
    Aircon light comes on, cannot hear anything engaging. Have checked fuses and relays in fusebox, all OK. I suspect clutch and/or field ass. What else should I check? And if it is the clutch and field can anyone point me in the direction of reasonably priced spares (or am I at Hondas mercy) And please what are the part Nos. One last question, is the aircon fluid clear or coloured? A lot for an intro. I'm sure moderators will sort me out if need be. David C.
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    Hi @deejay451, welcome to Honda Karma.

    I'll let others who know the A/C system better than myself help you out, I'm sure you'll be along soon.
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    Welcome to HK David. :welcome:
    If you add you CR-V to the Club Garage, it will help us to help you.