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    Just to confirm the collective wisdom of my search

    I have just spent a happy 45 minutes reading the search results on what Engine Oil for my CR-V (2005) 2.0 litre auto and the aggregate opinion seems to favour 0/30 fully synthetic (in spite of my local Honda dealer insisting on 5/40 hence this post!!)
    And as for the manufacturer I have found Castrol Edge 0/30 fully synthetic at £36! For 4 litres
    I will use a genuine Honda filter
    Any advise would be appreciated
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    My Accord petrol seemed to prefer Mobil1 but my CR-V preferred Castrol so I'd go with that.

    Costco do Castrol 0W30 Edge Fully Synthetic with all the bells and whistles in it and C3 spec for about £28 per 4L if you are a member.
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    @Westman if you've got the 2.0 petrol CR-V, Honda recommends, (since early last year) Castrol Edge Professional 0W-20 as first choice.
    Some dealers only stock, and use, the second choice, 5W-30. My Accord will never be touched by any of these dealers.
    0W-20 is preferred as is delivers better MPG yet still retains the necessary lubrication.

    Castrol Edge Professional 0W-30 is first choice for the I-DTEC (diesel)
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