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    Hey guys! My name is Lono and I'm the guy that has the low mileage 1982 Prelude and low mileage 1986 CR-X. Well i finally got around to getting the last Honda on my need list haha. Well if you guys have seen my two cars you would probably know the story behind them, but for those who haven't ill jut put a brief summary.

    There was a Honda dealership that went under back in the late 80's in my area (Guam USA) and the owner of that dealership kept 3 Hondas in his warehouse. Over the course of a year or so I have finally bought all 3 haha. The cars were posted for sale on my local Craigslist but no one came through to buy them so somehow a 19 year old kid (me) has bought all of them. This latest car that I got was sitting outside of the warehouse in the sun because the warehouse got rented out. Anyways heres a video of the car if you guys would like to check it out.

  2. SpeedyGee Administrator Staff Team

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    Wow what a find ! only 74 miles on it !

    Ohh... got so excited I actually for to say "Welcome to Honda Karma @Lono Brady " :Hey:

    Please do add ALL your Honda's to the Club Garage and make yourself right at home ! Would love to hear and see more about your low mileage Hondas :Smile:
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    Whoa!! fantastic car.. and quite amazing that you bought all three of these beauties..
    What are your plans? will you daily them ?
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    Wow that looks superb and that is a really cool collection for a 19yo, living the dream!
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    Amazing what a superb Prelude. :Hooray: