K20 won't hit the limiter.

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    Hello mate it was revving fine its only been the last week or so that I've been noticing it, I drive it to and from work aint a long drive so i hardly give it some and on the weekends i normally have my kids in the car so i don't give much stick at all. But it was my brother that took it on a straight as wanted to know what it was like as he wanted to go from a corsa d to something more pokey. But me being in the passenger seat i was like what the hell wheres the umph. Im going through everything i can fueling was my next thing to do, along with removing front bumper and replacing the filter for a fresh one as it was second hand.
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    Hi mate.
    OK, so no changes and was revving ok all the way through the rev range.
    Do you have an ODB reader you can plug in to see if there is a code thrown up?
    Have you tried resetting the ECU by leaving the battery disconnected for 10 mins (earth and live)?
    Have you checked all earths, engine and battery (bad earth can mean less power to ancillaries etc)?
    Check fthe vacuum pipes, one may have come loose, off or split.
    Check intake, exhaust and all other gaskets for leaks.

    Sounds like it could either be a blockage in the intake restricting air in (new filter or cleaned etc) or a sensor has gone faulty which is messing the fueling up.
    Ps, I pm'd you with a link to where you may get more help from.
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    Hello mate.
    Yes I've had it on the machine and all it was throwing up on there was my p1298 eld which was replaced yesterday.
    No i havent unplugged battery for the reset, gunna go out in a minute and do that,
    Yea will also be checking my earths, how many are there i know one on the gearbox.
    Yea pipes getting checked as i had to fit a new one for the rocker to the pipe.
    Im gunna take the filter off and see how it is.
    Manifold has been welded to the b pipe so i can't hear any blows that end although manifold is stock which could be the problem but again id need to replace the whole lot.
    Appreciate the pm mate on there too
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    England Dave Birmingham
    Fingers crossed then mate, not sure about the number of earths on an EP3. sorry. I would imagine there is one some where to the body (old school thinking though (50))Also I'd be tempted to disconnect and reconnect as many connectors as you can find too as they may have got crudded up and causing a week connection, you may find one not connected correctly.

    Good luck mate.
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    May have figured the problem out.
    I've plugged the car in again gone through the codes removed the eld, then switch to pending and its now saying p0420.
    So that means new 421 manifold, b pipe, and still on the safe side the fuel pump and air filter.
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    I reckon it’s your 02 sensors ep known for killing them
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    Right so an update on this situation guys:
    Im still struggling in regards with this issue.
    So I've recently replaced the manifold to a japspeed one, with the fooler kit on it for secondary sensor.
    Fitted new spark plugs
    Fitted 4 new coil packs
    Unplugged all sensors cleaned them up and refitted
    I've had the diagnostic machine on it and its throwing up nothing.
    Now im thinking that maybe the TPS could be out although i havent checked this yet, or maybe my iat sensor isnt working which been told it can give throw a misfire and read somewhere that someone else car was measing up and turnt out to be the iat.
    Unsure what to do any ideas