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    Hello All
    My wife had the misfortune of her handbag being stolen with all content such as house & car keys/id’s/money/debit cards etc (from a gym locker!)… as a result the car keys for both cars were taken.
    They stole her car from the gym car park and luckily our 2004 Accord was at home. Now I have a situation where the thieves have a car key for the Honda (it’s a key blade with a 3 button fob, all in one)… Its proving to be very stressful to resolve the whole situation!

    As a short term fix I was advised I could wipe all keys associated with the car and the one remaining key I still have, get it reprogrammed to be the only one that works on the car. Admittedly they could still get in to the car by opening the locks with the key (as not changing the key blade), however they won’t be able to drive off with it (as immobilisor will kick in). Therefore I booked my car into the local Honda dealer to have this done (£45), also being the best option for now as cash flow is tight etc.

    Having taken the car in to the dealer, they have now advised that this is not a reliable way to prevent the car from being stolen (contrary to what I confirmed before). They suggested I buy 3 keys (around £300 each!) to wipe out all 3 keys previously associated with the car (including the existing one I have) – oddly the car (as far as I’m aware only ever had 2 keys originally!). Then there would be the cost of programming them etc. The other option was to change the ECU central locking system (or something like that!), which is also into the thousands of £’s as a solution.

    The car is worth £1500 and a been a great servant, but am really unsure what to do as a fix.

    I’ve since spoken to another dealer who said that the computer can be wiped specifying ‘all keys lost’ and the remaining one key can be reprogrammed (at £30+ VAT) but infra for central locking would no longer work (so need to open and close doors manually but will start with it), and this would prevent the car from being stolen … Although the original Honda dealer said there is no guarantee that this option (to wipe all keys) would fix the issue (as I called them to check again). I didn’t quite follow what the dealer who suggested buying 3 keys is driving at as a fix, but gave up trying too!

    Really unsure what to do, has anyone got any ideas? In short want to ensure the stolen key does not start the car, and remaining key I have is the only one that can open and start the car, for the lowest cost possible!
    Appreciate any help.
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    I wonder if replacing the little immobiliser unit with another one would eliminate the need to re-program three new keys.

    Need to have a think !
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    First of all sorry to hear about your misfortune.

    Just putting it out there. Some insurance policies do provide cover for lost/stolen keys and can compensate upto £700 towards it but if that is not the case with your policy then I would stay away from Honda considering the car's value. Do you have a trusty independent garage? You can find people on eBay who are breaking Accords similar to yours (saloon, estate, diesel, petrol etc) and ask them for ECU/barrel/lockset and get an idie garage to swap them out.

    Just an example: Engine ECU + Keys for £80
    or Ignition + Key = £30

    Or Full set of keys, transponder and ignition.

    I am not saying you need exactly these.. but something along the line of these parts and the price expected.

    I would let @SpeedyGee figure out which parts need changing and then simply get them off eBay. Maybe you just need immobilizer, key barrel for doors + ignition and keys .. but it will be a much cheaper and secure solution than disabling all keys and wait for these morons to show up and try to start the car.
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    Sorry to hear of scum causing problems for you. :thumbdown: For the immediate time you could selectively pull a few fuses and under bonnet relays to keep it from disappearing (or at least slow them down a bit) till you get the keys sorted. Maybe someone here can suggest which ones. (starter relay, and fuel pump come to mind) I would agree with Legend-ary for the value of the car its not worth going direct to Honda if other options are available.
  5. jimjams Guest

    You could use a steering-wheel anti-theft device (krooklok) or a hand-brake/gear-lever lock

    A decent one is usually under £20, though probably more at Halfords
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    Hello All

    Thanks for the various ideas, very helpful. Sorry for delay in acknowledging as been dealing with the stressful aftermath...

    I've called a couple of other dealers and they've all said specifying 'all keys lost' and reprogramming my existing key will stop the stolen keys infra red from working (i.e. opening closing doors and alarm) and most importantly starting the car, so feel comfortable for the moment, as an extra measure will get a steering lock (seen one in Halfords but may look on amazon as suggested), also may block the car in with the horrendous courtesy car I have!

    Still open to any other ideas as my car is booked next Friday for reprogram (hiding the car at another address in the interim!)...This looks good as mentioned by legend-ary (new locks all round, inc. ignition barell), but need to get someone competent to fit etc:

    Anyone know any decent mechanics who could source the parts and fit in one hit? Im based in northwest London...

    By the way, on a side note, just some advise, anyone with 'contactless' credit/debit card, be really weary, as thieves getting hold of these can go on a shopping spree quite easily... I've decided to have fewer cards and see if I can have a 'none contactless card' moving forward, as its quite sickening how they can be exploited!

    Cheers so far...
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    ... also don't mind travelling outside of NW London to get the car sorted...