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    Okay so I've confirmed that the keyless entry module on my new Accord is well and truly buggered, meaning I'm now looking for a replacement. I see very few Accord modules around (for a reasonable price) but I do see a lot of Civic EP3 modules around. Now my £100,000,000 question is...Are they interchangeable or is it a pipe dream. If not, does anyone know why?

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    If I recall correctly on the 2nd, 3rd Generation CR-V and Civic EP3 the KLEM has a green plug to the module. take that off your car and compare it to the EP3 modules.

    You will find this under the driver steering column look up from the pedals
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    EP3 KLEM: Green plug, part no: 38385-S7A-G01

    I just went out to take a look at my KLEM. I can't find it at all. I was under the impression that the module had a pale green sticker with the description and part number on. The only modules I can see under the wheel are plain black, there are two with an empty gap for a third in the middle. Has anyone got a picture to show me where it should be? I know the previous owner had someone look at the central locking not working; they diagnosed the KLEM but the owner wasn't bothered about fixing it so he left it. I'm wondering whether the garage took the old failed module out (hence the empty space?)