Aftermarket Kit Kiddy seat advice

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    Hi gals n girls,
    Get my motor next week but in the meantime need to get a few bits n bobs for it.
    1 thing is a kiddy seat in the back for my mini-me (nearly 4).
    We have a Britax isofix kidfix or something like that seat in our golf and it is a nice sturdy seat so was thinking about the same or very similiar in the Honda.
    Does anyone have this seat? Does it fit nicely or is there anything better.
    From what I can tell the one on the Honda Uk website for £205 is roughly what I am after, however it can be purchased elsewhere on the net for less than £100.
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    Why don't you ring the Holdcroft Honda part line tell them you are from here get a price and compare. I have a ISO fix chair but my daughter will be soon out of that into a booster seat .
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    Ok. Well here is some advice... for myself.

    Got the britax kidfix seat and fitted it yesterday (identical to the Honda uk one but less than half the price).

    Interesting thing was that once the seat is fitted into the isofix points you basically loose 2 seats in the back.

    As a reference in my VW Golf there are 3 same sized seat positions in the back however the Accord has 2 large outer seats positions and one tiny sliver of seat space in the middle so when you mount the kidfix seat it actually encroaches on the middle seat position and the middle seat belt making it unusable.
    Also the seat belt socket, if you like, for the kidfix chair is quite difficult to reach from the same side as the chair, as basically the kidfix seat encroaches on its space too. This is the kidfix seat and not the extra wide kidfix plus seat which would be even worse.

    That is dissapointing in such a great car. If the kidfix seat is mounted behind the drivers seat and not the passenger seat there may be more chance of getting a very thin person in the middle because of the way the seat belts are laid out in the back, presumably as that is not changed from the LHD models.

    So I can move the Kidfix seat to the driver's side and perhaps have a seat usable by a very thin person. But It's unlikely and I would rather haver the seat behind the passenger.

    In Summary if you have a child seat in the back the max number of other passengers you can carry is 2. 1 in the front and 1 in the back. If i'd had known that I would not have bought it.

    Hope that helps somebody else.
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    Hi Happy_tom,
    Glad you have recieved your mats ok.
    I have the Honda isofix seats and theyre great but tbh all isofix are interchangeable regardless of make / model so your existing seat will be ok to swap over to the Honda. If you do purchase a new seat just ensure you only get charged 5% vat.

    Just seen your repost, the isofix system is designed to have an "impact protection zone" around the seat to allow for any side impact intrusion. An extra safety feature over non isofix seats, which are generally positioned closer to the doors due to the seatbelts. You are correct about the loss of space for a third rear passenger. Isofix seats can be used with standard belt fitment if required but you lose the added isofixe restraint systems benefits
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    Indeed, HH.

    I will swap sides and see if that helps in some small way.

    I meant I wouldn't have bought the car, not the seat. LIke I said in my Golf with the same kidfix seat I can get the kidfix seat plus 2 adults in the back. The Accord is a wider car so this suprised me. I wouldn't use it not isofixed.

    Oh well there is plenty room in the boot for a passenger, rolled up in carpet! That's fine isn't it?

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    err. Doesn't actually fit behind the drivers seat as there are 2 seat belt receivers in between the 2 isofix points.
    Is this a joke?
    Am I the only person to discover this or is my car 'special'?
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    I use isofix but have never tried it behind the driver. Odd.