Engine & Gearbox Knock in 1st and 2nd

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    So I recently had my lower suspension arms and drop links replaced due worn components causing the usual banging and knocking noises.

    First couple weeks great, no noises. Now it appears there is a slight knock when I accelerate in 1st and 2nd from a standstill. I have not noticed any sounds when turning and accelerating.

    It's going in for exhaust manifold change at the weekend, so I'd like some pointers as to what the cause could be?
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    Quick question was the entire lower arm changed? Or the bushes what parts were used ?
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    Yes the whole arm was replaced both sides.
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    Any reason why they whole arm was replaced and why the bushes were not replaced?

    I assume this was not genuine honda arms or drop links?
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    The new lower arms came with the bushes already fitted.

    Correct they are non genuine parts, but they were not the cheapest ones you can buy.
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    Hi bud, I have no experience of non genuine parts and TBH don't want to know how they work or use them that is just me.., however you had to remove the old genuine lower arm to replace it with the one you bought.

    It would have been easier to change the bushes on the old genuine arm, where you are aware they can be changed you DON'T have to change the whole arm.

    The best practice is when the lower arm is changed or removed to get the entire weight of the car on the arm before the bolts were nipped up to the correct torque. was that done?

    The drop links have colour codes for the right and left side can you tell me which colour is attached to which side?
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    Yes I was aware you could change just the bushes as I had already bought genuine Honda items. There was however
    a problem removing a bolt somewhere but that's another story. I had to go with a new arm on the drivers side I just
    decided it was best to do the passenger side too.

    The drop links were boxed with indicators on for left and right, so I'm pretty sure the are on the correct side.
    I'm not a mechanic, so the work was carried out by a long term mechanic friend who has worked on all my cars. It is having the exhaust manifold changed at the weekend so I'll check then with regards to tightening the bolts to correct torque on weight on of car etc. Put it this way I'd be very surprised if it was not done correctly!

    Could it be anything else causing the noise ie drive shafts or CV boot/joint etc?
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    Just an update.

    The knock persisted so had it looked at. Had the CV joint re-greased in hope it could be that as there is no play in any of the suspension parts, everything done up as should be and no worn bushes or mounts etc Have not driven it enough yet to find out if it has cured it, so will keep posted.

    However more worrying is in the time since my last post developed another knock, again as above all checked out ok by mechanic. It's more of a bang that feels like it's coming from the front end. The only way I can describe the noise is if a part is hitting another, I can only hear it at lower speeds driving straight, hard to judge if it's road surface related. The bang does not increase with engine revs or speed or visa vera. The power steering rack does need replacing, but the mechanic could not be sure it was that.

    It's a mystery as to what it could be, any feedback would be good be? Its driving me mad!!!
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    All sorted, the clunk/knock was the power steering rack. Rack now replaced, problem gone.

    The banging was the lower bolt on the drop link was not tight enough. Now tightened, problem gone.