Suspension, Steering and Brakes Knocking Noise from Rear Suspension at Low Speeds.

Discussion in '7th Generation (2003-2008) [Acura TSX]' started by marcellus305, Friday 31st Jan, 2014.

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    Hello All,

    I hope my suspicions are correct but I've been getting a knocking noise from the rear suspension at low speeds; typically when I'm on a road that isn't smooth.

    My thoughts are that it could be rear bushes. Am I correct in my thinking? Or, could it be something more serious?

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    I don't know the tourer suspension setup but droplinks or ARB bushes could be a possibility.
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    +1 for droplinks or ARB bushes as a likely culprit.

    Did mine last weekend, was convinced it was the droplinks but after removing the first one it became apparent after the tension was released from the roll bar that the knocking was due to worn ARB bushes. I could rattle the bar by hand producing the same noise. So replaced those as well as the droplinks as I already had them, problem solved.

    Don't know of a way of diagnosing droplinks vs ARB bushes on the rear. I think there may be a slight difference in noise though, droplink more of a metal on metal rattling/clicking sound, ARB bushes more of a clonk through the rear of the floor. Difficult to describe so may not help.

    Both cheap to do and easy DIY job though.
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    Knocking? Don't even go there! I've got a clunk coming from the rear so got the car up on the ramps and suddenly developed a cold sweat - thanks to multi link suspension and being AWD there's more bushes under my car than a Bangkok Br.....ahem. I changed the rear drop links (had to actual melt the entire units off - this ain't no corrosion free Accord) and also changed the shocks but no luck. There's the lower arms and ARB bushes next on the list.

    As said, I'd start with the drop links and ARB bushes.
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    On the tourer and saloons just be careful with the rear ARB bolts WILL snap if you don't get sufficient penetrating fluid. My way is loose and then tighten slightly then do two 360 turn out for 3/4 of the bolts length. This will ensure all the curd get moving on the thread pitch.

    Yes its a easy fix but this does become into a nightmare if you snap the bolt in half.. so don't be SpeedyGonzales take your time, no pun with our
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