Bulletins & Advisories Knocking or rattling from rear of car on uneven roads.GE2 & GE3

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    This issue was reported back in 2008 for all Chinese made Jazz GE2 and GE3 between 2002 through to 2008

    The Symptoms

    An abnormal noise (creak or rattle) can be heard from rear seatback latch/catch (A) while driving.
    HK GE2 GE3 LC1.
    A wear mark on the underside of the striker can normally be seen as shown example (B) below.
    HK GE2 GE3 LC2.

    The Cause
    1 During the manufacturing process of the lock mechanism, the height of the base plate was incorrect.

    2 Because the base plate was incorrect, there is excess clearance between the base plate and latch. Therefore the latch can touch the base plate whilst driving, this then results in a touching condition which in turn can cause the abnormal noise.

    3 The manufacturing process for the base plate height has been modified.
    Note: Only China produced Jazz is affected as the seat latch parts are different supplier from Japan.

    Application to Production Line

    Revised Parts Information
    <Part Number> <Part Name>
    82620-SAA-G01ZA LOCK COMP., L. RR.
    82620-SAA-G01ZB LOCK COMP., L. RR.
    82220-SAA-G01ZA LOCK COMP., R. RR.
    82220-SAA-G01ZB LOCK COMP., R. RR.