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    When I had a tyre fitted to the car last week (after the Cayenne forced me into kerbing, ripping open the side wall), I was taken to the nearest garage for a new tyre which just happened to be a Kwik Fit.

    After fitting the new tyre (a Goodyear), he told me it's got a guarantee for 12 months... Repairable punctures done FOC, or if unrepairable a like for like replacement, and if I get forced of the road again and have the tyre damaged like before... they'll even replace it then.

    I know people like to slag them off, and I'd not use them for an MOT or serious work... But I'd trust them to fit tyres and it seems like a good deal to me.
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    I don't have any issues with K-F, in fact my sister take her car to a K-F where she lives for the MOT.
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    It very much depends on who they've got in a particular centre. Some are decent folk...Others would struggle to top up the washer bottle.
    Good to know you were lucky and ended up at a decent one @Heckler :Niceone:
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    As said it really depends on the individual garage, my local one is good, I have had nothing but terrible experiences with independent garages, Kwik fit are the only ones who did something adequately (change my exhaust few years back).
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    The one by me is terrible, had 4 tyres fitted (had an offer on) took the guy almost 1 and a half to fit, God knows why, then left tyre glue sealant all over the alloys. Will never use them again.
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    And whilst I was there, some women was arguing with the manager about a MOT. Apparently she came in the Week before and had a free brake check, which kf said there were OK. she then booked it in for a MOT. Yep you guessed it, car failed MOT on brakes.
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    The staff at the one near us have been there yonks and are fine for tyres, I wouldn't use them for anything else though I've never heard anything particularly bad. They are incredibly busy so you have to pick your times. For some reason we have loads of tyre fitters in our small town plus a few main dealers who advertise tyres.