General Large Stone Chip today on Bonnet (Argh)

Discussion in 'Lounge & Gossip' started by Accord_N22, Sunday 22nd Jun, 2014.

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    Hey All
    Just driving back from a weekend in Bournemouth with the missus and after stopping at a services on the M3 I saw a couple large stone chips on the front. Argh.
    Really annoyed :Frown:
    It seems the stone as taken off the top surface of the lacquer and a small layer of paint
    I assume there's nothing much I can do apart from touching it up or spending loads of money and re-spraying it
    Only had the car a couple months, it seems the paint is so easily chipped. My previous car "seat arosa" did 80k miles on the motorway and nothing as bad appeared on its bonnet after all that time.
    Really upset at the moment :Frown:
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    Gutted for you mate, really annoying when that happens.

    I have touched up deep stone chips before, they've looked better from a distance but you always know it's there.
  3. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    Understand how you feel, as I've got a deep dent in the roof, between the screen and sunroof - kids throwing stones at the cars on a dual carriageway. GRRRRR!

    Although it's really upsetting, especially when you've spent so much time getting things right, at least no one was hurt.
    Just a little higher and it would have hit the windscreen - not good on the motorway.

    Hope you get it sorted out how you want.
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    Thanks guys
    I guess its not all that bad, it hasn't gone through the paint work and only breached the lacquer surface. Problem the lacquer peel can spread over time
    After all the car is the daily driver so stone chips are as expected. I just didn't expect it so soon. lol
    I heard that Honda paint is very thin and front stone chip damage on Honda's are common
    Will probably end up just touching it up as I don't think a full re-spray is worth it. I use the motorway everyday so it will only happen again.
    Might invest in a bonnet visor
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