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    hi guys

    Dean here I've run volvos for years don't hold it against me t4's and t5's then 3 years ago i bought a wee monster a auto lwb 2000 plate 3.2 v6 frontera remapped within an inch of its life and running lpg so cheap to run these power figures where from a dyno run on lpg the guys said if it had been running shell vpower then i could of added another 20bhp easy as the lpg is not the best but its what i ran it on at 18mpg on the motorway youll understand why lol. final figures after a few hours play was a use-able 265bhp and 340lb of torque than ran the 0-60 in 7 the 0 - 100 in 15 and topped out at 143mph according to a garmin satnav before we start with the speedos are out lol an of you guys at modiffied national at peterborough the year before last would of seen it there parked on the bank covered in vinyl.

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    i would be running it now but it ate a 2013 plate audi rstt on the motor when the :tut: behind the wheel decied to step heavily on his carbon brakes not having seen the 2 n half truck 40 feet behind him. i turned a tt into a tin as i made it 3 foot short lol. don't worry every walked away fine but the cars

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    so got home at 11 oclock at night needed a car for work and a few calls to friends and £350 later im proud owner to a very shiney and well looked after 1.8i vtec on a v reg, and at a claimed 136bhp which i think has a typo as im sure the one is not meant to be there lol. i know less than half the power and boy do i know it but its a really tidy example and I've managed to get 130 out of it so far with a 80 mph start on to the end of the runway but just not enough power off the lights or for blastin past lorries on countries lanes that insist on doing 40 in a 60 zone.

    I've spent years tinkering but the last honda i had a f reg rover vitesse from 20 odd years ago. the green one with the white wheels.

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    now 3 months in a new MOT and i am begineing to like it. just need more power.

    I've slipped a lovely set of 2002 v40 rims on and it brings it nicely upto date style wise just need to find a nice rear spoiler for it and a few other little mods but generally gonna try and concentrate on the power.

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    I've put a post up about a turbo conversion before i consider getting it remapped so save a few hundered quid.

    looking for a nice body kit front rear bumper and skirts so any thing interesting let me know.

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    are you doing it as a pastime or on a serious project ? if its for a pastime there are lots of parts available out there but it will not be cheap or easy to do so consider where you want to go with it lol :Hey:
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    Interesting read - on paper your car is definitely had 136bhp on the spec sheet. That said, it is the lowest powered engine in the whole 98-02 range if I'm not mistaken so good luck on boosting it :Smile:
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    maybe he should be looking at mine or something similar to get a good start off car there are some around :Search:
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    Who wouldn't love to have a Prelude :Wink: