Engine & Gearbox Leak from under car, HELP!

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    I just got home and while I was getting some things out of the car I noticed a small stream of water working it's way away from my car (2005 CDTi)! I looked under the war and it seems to be coming from the end of a pipe but I can't really get a good look at it without jacking up the car. I got a look at it with my phones camera and have put a link to a video of the leak below.

    It's coming from the middle of the car behind the engine, the fluid seems to be water and doesn't have an oily consistency or a strong smell. I've checked all the levels of everything I can find and nothing seems to have got lower except the wiper washer fluid but I haven't filled it up for a while so it might just be through use!

    I've enpited the wiper washer reservoir to see if the drip stops but while I'm waiting I thought I'd dip into the pool of expertise at AOC! The problem is that I can't think of any reason wiper fluid would be coming from this pipe!

    Here's the video: Car Leak HELP! - YouTube

    Thanks in advance for any help!!

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    To update on this I went out and checked again and the drip has slowed from once every 8 second to me counting to 30 and it only dripping once, I'm assuming this mean it is the washer leaking! Is there anything else it could be? I'm a bit worried that the leak is only slowing because the engine is cooling down!

    I've put a bit of water in it and the leak hasn't got faster but I might need to drive to move the liquid to the place it's leaking!

  3. Aircon drain hose.
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    Ahh I didn't think of that! Excuse my ignorance but is this supposed to happen? If not any tips on fixing it?

    Thanks lot for your reply!
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    Yeah don't worry about it it's meant to do it.
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    Awesome, that's great news to hear! Especially after same (please refrain from using such language) scratched and slightly dented my passenger side door last night and drove off!

    Thanks alot for your help guys!lan
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    Yup excess water being ejected from the aircon evaporator , quite normal and it good to see that it shows the system is working really well. All 7th and 8th Generation Accord have a habit of having a cheeky wee.
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    I've had so much much water come out of mine that a customer thought there was something wrong with the car.
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    Next time just tell him my car was desperate for a wee.. it a good fertilizer :Wink: