Body, Paint & Styling leaking front windscreen

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    I have a 07 legend any one had any issues with a leaky front windscreen .Mine leaks at the a post top r/h corner ???

    Honda uk dealing but don't hold out for any warranty claim
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    Has the front screen been changed at all? It would be great if you could get a picture of the glass manufacturer marked on the glass.

    Welcome to AOC please do upload picture of your Legend.:Hey:
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    I would reckon the window is original but will check for original Honda stamps tommorrow
    thanks e.
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    Honda refused to do anything with the warranty on my leaking windscreen as the previous owner had missed its free service by 2 months .However my x Honda dealer in Edinburgh where i bought the car advised that they would arrange for the window to be resealed .This was done and took 3 hrs to take out and re/fit not an easy job
    Lets hope is now ok .thanks Mr Chatham ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,:Smile:

    What the 1st service has to do with a window is baffles me but a easy excuse to make if you don't want to do the job .I DID THINK HONDA WOULD BE DIFFERENT and assist ,but NO.:Angry:
    Maybe one to watch for other owners .

    ps Window had never been changed before
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    Honda would have its reasons to refuse it, but we only have your side of the story and nothing to suggest its a fault. are you the original car owner from new?

    Glad its sorted now but there is no indication there is issue on the Legends.
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    Finland Henri Pälkäne
    I had to change the windshield but there was no leaking issue.
    Small story....
    Beginning of the may i reserved a time for a windshield change from Honda dealers damage repair shop.
    Got earlier few stone/wintertyre spike chips and then about 2ft long crack started from some old one.
    I have insurance what pays for repairs (free for me) and if the windshield has to be changed my share would be 180e.
    When i reserved the time, i said that i will bring it to them bacause i want OEM glass and i want the job to be done properly.
    Foreman of the shop ordered the glass and gave time on 15th of may, two weeks should be enough to get the glass.
    Wife took the car to the shop, i am working on the opposite direction and she was at home, she got a rental car for free, that is included to the insurance also, and they said that car is ready next day afternoon.
    It was, she picked it up and came home.
    Next day was a holiday in Finland and i was at home. I started to look the quality of the work.
    First, windshield washer didnt work, it was caused by wrongly routed hose what was under some panel and pinched.
    Some plastic fasteners were missing, some of them was broken. That black plastic part where the washer nozzles are was loose on the driver side because the tall plastic fastener was missing, only the screw was hanging there.
    Toolmarks on the driverside pilar, not on the metal but trough the paint. Scratches on the top of the passenger side front fender and the list grows on.
    Trims didnt fit around the glass, upper horisontal trim wasnt straight, driver side was 6mm lower than passenger side etc.
    I made a list, 12 different failures, but it kept water outside
    Next day i called to the shop, same foreman at the phone, i introduced my self and asked if he remembers what i sayed when i reserved the time for a windshield change, he did.
    I sayed that only thing what was ok was that it is not leaking water and explained all to him. He said that unbeliveable, bring the car back and gave a time for next week. I asked that why it was given back in that condition, silence....
    Wife took the car back and got again free rental.
    Next day the guy called me and sayed that you can pick up the car, they fixed everything they could but they have to order new windshield, fitting of those trims can't be fixed unless they take away the glass and they are afraid that they will broke the glass when cutting it off. Ok, they will call me when they have the glass and then we will get a new time for it.
    Scratches from the fender was polished away, they were only on the clear coating, fine.
    After three weeks i called them and asked about the windshield, surprise, it was just arrived... We booked the time on the beginning of the july, my summer vacation started then and i took the car there by myself, again free rental and next day they called me that your car is ready, didnt have time that day but i went there next day to pick it up. When i took it there and when i picked it up there was different foreman and he was really pi##ed of about whole thing and made it quite clear, i responded that we wouldn't have any problems unless they wouldn't have fu##ed it up at the first time.
    Ok, everything was fine now, they had installed totally new trims and fasteners. But forgotted one thing, when i was talking about the bad job quality with the first foreman he promised to install new wiper inserts for free but this seemed to be too hard task.
    They payed dearly about learning to change the windshield.
    They sayed that the first one was somehow slided down from the driverside when the glue was getting hard.
    Original amount of the bill to the insurance company was something like 1100e plus my 180e
    And all of this took time from the middle of the may to the beginning of the july.
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    I hope the leak is fixed. I had a leak following a windscreen replacement. The installer dislodged the tubing that runs down the pillar from the drain hole for the sunroof. Water leaked in halfway down the inside of the pillar. Also, when the work was inspected, the second windscreen fitter noticed that the plastic clips on one side had been broken and an attempt had been made to glue it back in.

    So if you discover you still have a leak, try pouring water into that drain hole.

    Oh and it took a few weeks with a vacuum cleaner, hairdryer and silicon anti-humidity bags to get the carpet dry again inside sufficient for it not to steam up every time it got cold outside.
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    Before the window was removed we had ordered a new top seal, this fits onto the window before its fitted to the car and new side clips for the side trim .We could cleary see where the water had "creeped past the seal and run down the "A" post seems ok now but a very intense job to remove it .
    It was removed by a very good window company that works on all Prestige vehicles in Edinburgh Aston,Lambo .R8s............................ Highly Recommended .:Smile: :Thumbup:

    Just to add for info I have fitted the Lowering kit with the sport suspension kit its makes a huge difference
    also the window deflectors and the boot try and rear bumper protector ,and to get the Boss head unit to talk to my IPod i have imported the kit from the USA .They use it on the Accords .Also have the Honda 18 inch rims...
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    Honda Uk bumped me as the first service was 2 months late .This was the previous owner so had nothing to do with me .Car still leaking water coming down the a post ,but car is at the bodyshop in Edinburgh and have traced the issue to a seam that was not sealed correctly .So this would of been a Honda waranty claim no question .Owned Honda for the last 30 years had them all and still have a mint 1st Generation CR-X and this was the first time ever i asked Honda to help me .............Not INTERESTED ......sorry Honda but i did think you were different obviously not
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    Water ingress down to roof not sealed correctly to body.Thanks to Chris at Chathams for his help .Now resealed and looks ok .How Honda can get away with this is a joke this was a warranty case but they refused to help .

    Chris youre a star .
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    I thought you said in your previous thread the glass on your car was not genuine ? So if it isn't not fault of Honda is it ?
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    Ireland glenn longford
    I have this problem with my legend. Leaking in the pillar. What is the fix.? Is it the wind screen? Or other?
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    Sorry to hear about the leak. In my case, the windscreen replacer had dislodged the tubing from the sunroof drain. This tubing runs down the pillar. It is easy to check if this is your issue. Pour some water in the sunroof drain hole above the pillar. My car was still under original 3 year warranty and was fixed by the main dealer, I understand without taking the screen out and by accessing it by removing the headlining and internal cover of the pillar. Good luck and once fixed it took a fair few weeks using dehumidifiers and the heater on full blast to dry out the footwell.