Engine & Gearbox leaking injector

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    I am new to this forum and did try to introduce myself but found the procedure a bit long winded. I have a 2005 CR-V ic tdi executive 2.2 and I am based in south west Scotland.
    I would like to ask a question regarding this vehicle as it is the first honda car I have owned. I notice a strong smell of fumes in the cabin and on removing the engine cover I notice someone (previous owner possibly) has smeared some kind of grey stuff like exhaust sealer paste around one of the injectors. on starting the vehicle I can see what looks like fuel vapour escaping from round the base of the injector. Is this a common fault and if so what is the remedy. thanks paneuro
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    Hi @paneuro and welcome to HK.
    Its not a common fault by the sounds of it but could be leaking injector seals. Is it more apparent when the car is cold or can you smell fumes all the time?
    Accords I-CDTI did affect from cracked manifolds for which they were recalled but as you found the filler near the injectors it could be the seals.
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    It's not exactly common, but I've seen plenty of reports of this happening on our engines. Unfortunately removing an injector can be a tricky job following leakage past the copper seal (actually called a gasket) at the injector base, as the blow-by tends to gather around the injector body and glue it into the head. In these instances it can be necessary to use some sort of injector puller (either hydraulic or a slide hammer type) which can damage the injector, resulting it it having to be replaced.

    If you want to try removal yourself, I got all of mine out by carefully loosening the clamp bolts (a T30 bolt) with the engine running until the injector was lifted by the compression, switching off, removing the high pressure pipework, then twisting out the injectors using molegrips, but none of mine had been blowing! You may need to hire a puller, but do take care not to lose the small ball that becomes exposed when the upper part of the injector is unscrewed to attach the puller!

    If a new injector does become necessary, then the associated IQA/calibration code will need to be written to the ECU.
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    It's more common than you think. As these cars are getting older and cover more miles. If someone has tried to seal it themselves or what you are seeing is a build up of tar/carbon I would confidently say it's a siezed injector and will need pulling out. Get some prices from diesel specialists and Honda with the cost of a new injector
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    I would say it is more apparent when the heater blower is on!